CIE Current & Past Fellows

Student Research Fellow Commitments

Recruited Fall of AY. 

Training in interdisciplinary research and project development and promotion in Spring of first year as a Fellow.

Participation in one or more of the four activity groups created during training (community; social media; images, videos and photography; writing and concept development)

Weekly participation in meetings and fireside chats. 

Co-development of and participation in Faculty Fellow projects.

Presentations, including overview of the Center activities to UNIV 110 students. 

Student Research Fellows Interaction:

Lunch/fireside chats weekly (overview of projects with shared reading; progress updates as projects progress).

Student Fellows actively integrated into project planning development.

Directed partnering with student Fellows as projects progress.

Announcing our new Student Fellows 2023-2024:

Eden Chowning               (Music Performance)

Jules Taylor                     (Music Education)

Ailis Lindgren                  (BFA Theatre Arts)

Avery Walters                 (Theatre)

Chandler Ticer                (Music Education)

Mason K. Windham         (Studio Art)

Alondra Johnson             (Music - Commercial Music and Jazz)

Allison Weiner                (Theatre Arts- Acting)

Jordan Prescott              (English - Creative Writing)

Harper Davis                  (B.A. Theatre)

Ty Bennett                     (Music Education)

Ryann Davis                   (B.F.A. Musical Theatre)

Olivia Otto                      (Musical Theatre)

Kimora White                 (English - Creative Writing)

Spencer Brown               (Music Education)

L’lyjah Griffin                  (Music Education) 



Student Research Fellows AY 22/23 

Djani Blagburn.         (Communications; Sociology)

Teniia Brown             (Dramatic Arts; New Media and Digital Culture)

Austin Bryant            (Marine Science-Interdisciplinary Studies, degree in 3)

Gianna Casey            (History; Journalism) 

Isaiah Cook               (Theater Arts)

Celina DeCordova     (Communication-Digital Culture and Design; Film)

Hannah Flick            (Intelligence-Languages and Intercultural Studies; Psychology)

Ansley Gaffney         (Music Education, Vocal)

Gabrielle Gee            (Anthropology and Geography) 

Frederick Josties      (Theater Arts; Language and Intercultural Studies)

Brooke McKenzie      (Women and Gender Studies-Dramatic Arts; Political Science)

Max Scivetti              (History)

Grey Thompson        (Intelligence; Dramatic Arts and Criminology)



Student Research Fellows AY 21/22

Dyneira Brown           (Communication/Journalism)

Amanda Fucci             (Communication/Journalism and Photography)

Sage Short                 (English)

Isaiah Davis               (Intelligence)

Teryn Cuozzo             (Musical Theater)

Diamond Gaston         (Music - Flute)

Frances Ludwig           (Art History)

Yasmine Pugh            (English)

Carol Jinier                 (Graphic Design)

Hailey Cornell             (Music)

Rachel Huggins          (Music Education)

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