Bog in a Basket: Honoring Horry Heritage

The Athenaeum Press release of A Little Chicken and Rice made for a delicious gathering.

Many in the South have wondered what sets chicken perlou apart from chicken bog, while most in the remainder of the country can’t even imagine the personality that ferments in this metaphorical stock of South Carolina’s impressive food history. Rumor has it that the dish of rice, chicken and spices is meant to mirror the humid, swampy Horry County environments of Myrtle Beach, Conway and Loris, S.C., with the “bog” signifying a stewed texture. These unique elements, as well as the story behind them, make chicken bog a perfect culinary cultural identifier as well as a perfect subject for The Athenaeum Press, CCU’s student-driven digital media publishing lab. 

In November 2018, the Press released “A Little Chicken and Rice,” a project that spanned two years of student research and development. Methods ranged from on-the-ground interviews to archival rummaging and yielded a book — part recipe, part narrative and part illustration — paired with a DIY chicken bog kit, available in both basket and box iterations. The project documents a diverse group of natives who have a deep-rooted, spiritual connection to their own form of Horry County’s signature dish. The package also includes a rich orchestra of stock spices, iconic Carolina gold rice, and easy-to-follow recipe instructions that perpetuate our Lowcountry legacy.





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