Sara Sabota (added 9/20/19) MCD 760Through its chapters of new leadership, programs, faculty, initiatives, and accomplishments, the Edwards College charges endlessly forward. As we evolve, Tapestry brings you, readers, the highlights of student success and the intricacies of scholarly inquiry in addition to news of alumni achievements.

 The abundance of stories has prompted a change in our outlook, one I hope you receive with the level of excitement and anticipation you felt on senior year CINO Day. Instead of an annual publication released ach July, Tapestry will now be published semiannually, with issues appearing each April and October.

We feel this more frequent update on the good works of the Edwards College and its people will create a stronger connection between readers and the college, as well as among readers themselves. In addition, the seasons of spring and fall better fit with the annual cycles of classes and campus life. Other Tapestry features you might notice in this issue are designed to enhance this initiative of closer contact, including a new Alumni Notes section, Social Graces pages, and additional opportunities for readers to share their news with us. In the future, we hope to fill this very page with letters and emails from the ranks of readers telling us their impressions of the stories told in our pages.

I hope these channels of reinforced communication allow you to learn more, enjoy more, and expand your network of friends and colleagues in the Edwards College community.

We look forward to hearing from you!

- Sara Sobota


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Tapestry Spring 2020 Staff

Tapestry Staff Spring 2020 (added 4/20/2020) MCD

Team Tapestry: Rob Sperduto, editorial assistant and Master of Arts in Writing (MAW) student; Sara Sobota, editor; Abby Sink, art director; Brandon Small, graphic design assistant and senior graphic design major; Olivia DiMatteo, editorial assistant and MAW student.

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