Hurricanes - Coastal Carolina University
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Hurricane season is June 1 through Nov. 30, with the most active part of the season normally occurring from August to October. CCU has a dedicated team of staff and faculty to provide a mechanism where information is shared and resources can be organized in support of the University's emergency response and recovery efforts. The CCU Emergency Management Team (EMT) has an annual hurricane season briefing to review and discuss hurricane specific policies and procedures.

Once a tropical system forms and is forecast to threaten our area, the CCU Emergency Management director notifies and briefs the Emergency Management Team. The CCU Hurricane Genesis & Outlook (HUGO) Team provides detailed outlooks of its track and its characteristics, and the HUGO model system will predict the depth, time and location of storm surge, and water inundation. If the tropical system continues to develop and our area is at risk, procedures are in place for regular briefings and meetings to discuss preparedness activities, response and recovery operations. Please review the frequently asked questions for more information regarding the University’s hurricane preparedness activities and hurricane operations.

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