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Our Mission

The Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Analysis (IRA&A) provides quality information and analysis services that support decision-making, strategic planning, assessment, accreditation, and records management activities of the University. The office is responsible for data collection, analysis, administration, and dissemination. IRA&A provides management information, completes federal and state reporting requirements, and completes specialized information requests. The office is comprised of the following areas:

Accreditation - The University assures quality to the students and public through the accreditation process. Holding an accredited status informs the public that an institution or program meets the minimal standards in areas such as faculty, curriculum, student services, and libraries. Accreditation also ensures that the institution is fiscally responsible and stable. The IRA&A Office supports various accreditation efforts across campus.     

Analysis - Provides in-depth data analysis and reporting.

Assessment - Supports all campus units in identifying areas for continuous improvement.  Assists and supports faculty and departments in ongoing efforts to improve learning outcomes including help with research design, data analysis, survey construction and administration.

Course Evaluations - Near the end of each academic semester, students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate courses with six or more students are given the opportunity to complete an evaluation of the course and instructor for the purpose of providing data for review of teaching performance.

Institutional Research - Provides accurate and timely information to support the University's decision making and institutional effectiveness.

Records Management - Records Management is a system to control the creation, organization, use, retention, disposal, and selective preservation of public records. As a state agency of South Carolina, Coastal Carolina University is required to create, maintain, and properly preserve or dispose of records that document University policies, procedures, functions and decisions. These responsibilities fall under the supervision of the IRA&A Office.