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The Assessment group provides institutional-level information used to facilitate decision-making, support the University's mission, and inform internal and external constituencies.

The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education requires the University to submit an annual accountability report.
The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education collects and reports on institutional effectiveness information from all public institutions in the state. Reporting areas include, but are not limited to assessment, sponsored research, and student pass rates on professional exams.
Across the University many people use data in assessment, research, and decision-making. Surveys are often used as a method for collecting the information needed for these activities.
TEAL Online is a comprehensive repository system for collecting assessment data, establishing information autoflow and generating reflective reports.
  • TEAL Online
    Assessment Audit
The TEAL Online Assessment Audit is a multi-year tracking system that displays information for each unit completing an assessment plan and report.
The University-Wide Assessment Committee consists of one main committee and three sub-committees that guide the University in its assessment and accountability practices across all institutional areas.
The University-Wide Assessment Report is an overview of Coastal Carolina University’s systematic and ongoing process of collecting information for improving the overall effectiveness of all units across campus.
A compilation of basic, comparable information from over 300 public colleges and universities. Information collected includes characteristics of students and faculty, admissions requirements, popular majors, average class sizes, campus safety, the future plans of graduates. The College Portrait is an initiative by the Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA).