Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are an important part of Coastal Carolina University's commitment to excellence in teaching.

During the evaluation period, students can access their course evaluations at this link: This link remains constant every semester.

The course evaluation calendars for Maymester and Summer 2024: 

Course Evaluation Calendar Summer 24

*If a course does not adhere to the standard start and end date, please contact for the evaluation schedule.

How are course evaluations used?

  • Used by instructors to improve their courses and teaching
  • Used by department chairs and administrators to evaluate instructors' performance

How are student responses protected?

  • 100% anonymous; no one can tie quantitative responses (multiple choice questions) to a student
  • Qualitative responses (written comments) are also anonymous unless the student identifies themselves in the comment
  • Results are not released until grades are finalized

How do students access their course evaluations?

  • Student access at
  • Invitations (and reminders if needed) also sent to student CCU emails from a address
  • Accessible from any device
  • Can be completed during class time as long as the instructor leaves the room
  • Able to edit response until the evaluation window closes

Which courses are evaluated?

  • Only for sections with 6+ students enrolled (by instructor request for smaller sections)
  • Some courses like internships and independent study are exempt no matter how many are enrolled

How do faculty access their response rates and results?

When are course evaluations available?

  • Full-semester, Fall II, Spring II: 14 days before finals start
  • All others: 7 days before the class end date
  • Once closed, cannot be re-opened

Is there a course evaluation policy?

Yes, policy ACAD-127 Student Evaluation of Courses