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Capstone Projects

All of our majors are required to take a two-part capstone sequence.

The first part of the sequence (Math/Stat 390) helps students build technical writing and presentation skills, develop resumes, conduct mock interviews, and search for jobs.

In the second part of the sequence (Math 490) students select a faculty advisor to guide them through a semester-long project. Students conduct posters and oral presentations on their research. Students have the opportunity to present their work at the university research competition and local and regional meetings. Some work has even been carried through to publication.

Samples of Capstone Projects

  1. Enumeration and Optimization of Bobbin Lace (Riley Beam and Thomas Hoffman, Ph.D.)
  2. Time Series of Analysis of Retail Gas Prices in Boston (David Custer and Keshav Jagannathan, Ph.D.)
  3. Analyzing Premier League Data Across Using Cross-Validated Logistic Regression (Andy Elgin and Paul Hill, Ph.D.)
  4. Flight Delays and Causes (Michael Hendrix and Josephy Hjuki, Ph.D., and Lindsey Bell, Ph.D.)
  5. The Art Gallery Problem (Madison Marrs and Ogul Duncan, Ph.D.)
  6. False Negatives: Two Approaches (Riley Martin and Lindsey Bell, Ph.D.)
  7. Modeling COVID-19 Spread with Monte Carlo Techniques  (Alessandro Molinas and Lindsey Bell, Ph.D.)
  8. Analysis of New NFL Playoff Overtime Rules Using Markov Chains (Tyler Rielly and Nicholas Pritchard, Ph.D.)
  9. From Lagrange's Identity to the House of Representatives (Sarlota Svobodova and David Duncan, Ph.D.)
  10. How Confident Are You, Really?  Simulated vs. Stated Confidence in One-Proportion Intervals (Devyn Willey and Lindsey Bell, Ph.D.)