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Subhash Saxena Department of Mathematics and Statistics

The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple - Stan Gudder


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Coastal Carolina University seeks to help our students find the mathematician and statistician in themselves. Believing that every student has the capability to develop sharp critical-thinking skills and statistical literacy, our faculty’s priority is facilitating the growth of these skills through collaborative learning. This includes mentoring, undergraduate research, and preparation for career development and graduate programs. The department seeks to address any structural inequalities in mathematics and statistics education by developing and supporting a diverse group of learners.

We accomplish these goals by improving student access to faculty and materials. Our teaching-focused faculty promote engaged learning by applying activity and inquiry-based methods as well as model applications. The department uses internal data as well as best practices supported by the national mathematical and statistical communities to identify needed structural changes in courses (and programs) to improve student success and access across the curriculum. 

Core Values

  • Commitment: We are committed to quality instruction, engaged learning, and helping students along their desired pathway.
  • Collaboration: We share ideas and engage with students, faculty, and the community.
  • Diversity: The department values diversity, equity, and inclusion in all its forms and values civility and fairness toward individuals, cultures, ideas, and resources.
  • Integrity: We are committed to the highest standards and consistency in our actions.
  • Growth: We are life-long learners who strive to improve our practices.


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Coastal Carolina University fosters a diverse community of learners in the mathematical and statistical sciences. We are a community of scholars whose primary mission is to provide a high-quality, student-centered learning experience across the university curriculum. The department encompasses an environment where our majors and faculty are energized about the subject matter and feel supported in their endeavors. Furthermore, the department prepares our students to be competitive in the job market as well as to excel in professional or graduate programs. Students come from diverse backgrounds and are met with faculty who promote engaged learning and collaborative research. Faculty work together in an atmosphere of respect, trust, and collaboration to provide a better experience for the student and to enrich the community.


Keshav Jagannathan, Ph.D.
Professor, Department Chair
Smith Science 218P

Jennifer Sparkes
Administrative Specialist
Smith Science 218O