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The Pre-Award process starts with searching for a funding source and ends with the submission of a competitive application to a federal, state or private funder. The OSPRS team provides support to Principal Investigators (PI) throughout this process. It is important to notify the OSPRS as soon as you are thinking of submitting a funding proposal. In addition to being the only office on campus authorized to submit funding proposals on behalf of the university, the OSPRS team is trained and experienced with parsing the details of a solicitation to assist with the application of university policies, state and federal law and all of the specific requirements of the various agencies and organizations from whom we request funding. Once contacted, the Pre-Award Coordinator will review the solicitation and send the PI a customized checklist of proposal elements and other required document templates that align with the sponsor guidelines.

For information on Funding Opportunities, Proposal Preparation or Budget Development, please visit those webpages.

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