Funding Opportunities

Sponsored program funding comes from a variety of sources. External sponsors can include federal and state government agencies, county and city municipalities, foundations or other non-profit organizations. Sponsors issue various types of solicitations designed to announce the availability of funding to support research, scholarly activities, public service, instruction or community/student services. In addition, there are internal sponsors, such as the Provost’s Office or the Office of Research, which also provide funding opportunities for faculty and staff projects. This page links to information on funding through federal and state agencies and other external and internal funding sources, as well as funding databases and publications that can assist with finding a funding opportunity to match a need. 

To request that the OSPRS assist with finding funding opportunities to support your research, creative, instructional or service project, please submit a Funding Search Request.

Funding Search Tips

  • Identify and use keywords instead of full sentences/descriptions.
  • Know what type of funding you are looking for—sabbatical funding, summer pay, student support, supplies, travel, publication, etc.  This can help you define your search parameters.
  • Make sure you are eligible for the funding. Ask the OSPRS if you are unsure.
  • Sign-up for professional emails and listservs that distribute notifications of funding opportunities.


Once you’ve found a funding source, please complete an OSPRS Notice of Intent to Submit a Funding Proposal form. We will review the sponsor guidelines to determine our eligibility, in addition to assisting with the development of the proposal, preparation of the budget and organizing other frequently required documents related to a grant proposal.





Subscription Databases

The following sources are log-in accessible using the Coastal network on campus or through VPN access.

GrantForward:  In addition to individual searches, CCU faculty, students, and staff can configure researcher profiles and employ advanced search filters to receive personalized grant recommendations via email on a monthly or weekly basis.  

Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPIN): InfoEd SPIN is a database of funding opportunities from government and private sources.

The Grant Advisor Plus (Current Postings): provides hyperlinks to grant announcements based on the submission deadline.

The Grant Advisor Plus (Useful Links): over 200 links to various funding sources. 


Federal Agencies and Departments  a single access point to search for grant programs offered by all 26 federal agencies.

Or you may access the individual federal agencies, listed below: 

For assistance or questions regarding a federal funding opportunity, please contact the OSPRS.

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South Carolina Agencies and Organizations

For assistance or questions regarding a state funding opportunity, please contact the OSPRS.

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Foundations and Other Non-Profit Organizations

For assistance or questions regarding a private funding opportunity, please contact the OSPRS.

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Internal Funding Opportunities

CCU Funding Opportunities (through the Provost’s Office)

If you would like assistance with finding a funding opportunity to support your research or other scholarly activity, please contact the OSPRS.