Technical Specifications


Stage Information

Ground Plan (Vectorworks File)
Wheelwright Auditorium Line Set Schedule 2017

Soft Goods Inventory


Lighting Information

Control Console:  ETC GIO 4K

Wheelwright Auditorium Lighting Inventory 2017

Wheelwright Auditorium Light Plot 2017


Audio Information

Control Console:  Yamaha M7CL-48

Wheelwright Auditorium Audio Inventory 2017

Wheelwright Auditorium M7CL48 Patch List


Video Information

Projector:  Christie LX1000

Control:  TriCaster Mini HD


Screen Inventory

28’W x 16’H Rear Projection with full-stage masking

16’W x 9’H Rear Projection with full-stage masking

14’H x 10.5’H Rear Projection


Seating Information

Total Seating Capacity in Wheelwright Auditorium = 785

Seating capacity in Orchestra Section (Main Floor) = 582
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Seating capacity in Balcony Section = 203
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