Police Division - Coastal Carolina University
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Police Division

The department consists of the following personnel: Chief of Police, commissioned Law Enforcement Officers, Security Officers, Administrative assistants, Communications Coordinator and Dispatchers.

Officers patrol campus 24 hours a day by motor vehicle, bicycle, golf car, or foot patrol. All officers are "service oriented" and are ready to help faculty, staff, students and visitors in any way.

Duties of the Officers

University police officers are trained to respond to, and document vehicle accidents using the state of South Carolina Uniform Traffic Collision report. If you are a witness to, or are involved in a motor vehicle accident on campus, please contact 349-2911 for assistance

  • University police officers:
  • Enforce all federal and state laws along with University rules and regulations.
  • Counsel and instruct students and employees on Crime Prevention.
  • Investigate automobile accidents.
  • Investigate criminal activity.
  • Check University buildings and patrol parking areas.
  • Aid motorists.
  • Monitor the University Blue Light Emergency Call System.
  • While on patrol, all officers maintain contact with the department's communication center. The center also monitors building alarms for fire or unauthorized entry. Coastal Carolina University is located within the city limits of Conway, South Carolina, officers have radio transmission capabilities with Conway Police and other local agencies.

Mission Statement

  • To provide services to the University Community that meet or exceed professional standards;
  • To provide equal enforcement and protection of the law without prejudice or favor; To establish goals in partnership with the University Community and to prioritize problems based on University concerns;
  • To contribute, as members of the University Community, to the preservation and improvement of the Quality of Life at Coastal Carolina University; and
  • To make a difference for the better.

Values To Accomplish The Mission

  • To Protect: To provide a safe environment in which the University Community can work and live.
  • To Serve: To provide service equally to all people in a manner that demonstrates dignity and respect for each person.
  • To Be Responsive To The Community: To acknowledge that the University Community we work in has a diverse population and that all people are treated fairly and equally.
  • This agency will be committed to listening to, and understanding the concerns of all citizens.