DANTES - Funded CLEP Exams

Active duty military personnel and certain other groups can register to take the CLEP exam under the DANTES-funding rules. Please follow the following steps:

  1. First, confirm your elibibility. Click here to see who is elibible for DANTES funding. If you are eligible, continue with step 2. If not, go back to the standard CLEP registration page.

  2. CCU STUDENTS ONLY! If you are not a CCU student, please proceed with step 3 below. You must first determine if you are elibible to take the CLEP for CCU credit by reading the CCU CLEP brochure. If you are eligible, then you must get your Dean’s approval to take your CLEP: Print the CLEP Approval Form, then submit the completed form to your Dean’s office. Your Dean will review the request, then notify the Academic Testing Center (ATC) if you are approved.

    The ATC will then notify you by email that you can proceed with the CLEP exam registration process below. Do not purchase your CLEP exam until you receive confirmation from the ATC that your Dean has approved your request! Your Dean's approval is valid for six months.

  3. Register with CLEP. Make sure you indicate that you are DANTES-funding eligible.

  4. Once you have registered with CLEP and have a ticket number, call the ATC to schedule your CLEP: 843-349-4011.  Make sure you let us know you are DANTES-funding eligible.

  5. For more information, please review the CLEP website.