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How long after I submit my payment will I receive my email with scheduling instructions?

The time it takes for us to process your payment may vary.  If you make your payment Monday-Thursday, as a general rule, you will receive the email within one day.  If your payment is made Friday-Sunday, or while our office is closed (due to a Holiday, weather event, etc.) you will receive the email during our next business day.  Please see our hours.  If you don't receive the confirmation email, first check your spam folder, and if necessary . 

How much academic credit will I get if I pass my CLEP exam?

The Registrar's office establishes policies for CLEP credit.  Refer to the CCU CLEP brochure for the current policies.

What do I bring to the Testing Center?

You will need to bring a valid, government-issued ID, such as a driver's license or passport.  The ID must include a signature, photo, and a name which matches your CLEP registration.  If you have any questions about whether your ID would qualify, call the ATC at 843-349-4011.

Bring your CLEP ticket with you.  

Please review our Testing Center Policies page for other considerations as to what you should and should not bring with you.

Will I receive a score the day of my test?

For most CLEP exams, an unofficial score report is printed for you at the end of your exam.  For official score reporting guidelines, see the CLEP Website.