Global Trips and Experiences

Global Trips and Experiences  

A significant part of the Wall Fellows Program curriculum is classroom preparation for hands-on experiences, and traveling to meet with leaders in global organizations overseas and in the United States. Wall Fellows are responsible for planning, budgeting and designing an international travel experience as a class project, which includes the research on the organizations and places they will be visiting. Program participants research the cultures of countries they will visit as a group including language, politics, business customs, and monetary and transportation systems in preparation for their business-related trip. The international trip typically occurs the summer between their junior and senior year in the program.  There is also a student-planned domestic business trip during the last semester of their senior year to learn more about businesses, customs and educational opportunities within the United States. 

Prior Wall Fellows trips have included sessions hosted by:

International and Domestic

Accounting/Banking/Financial Services

  • AAC Capital Partners (The Netherlands)
  • Bank of America/Merrill Lynch (New York)
  • Barclay’s Capital (United Kingdom)
  • Chicago’s Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) (Chicago)
  • Citigroup (United Kingdom)
  • Deloitte, Touche (New York)
  • Grant Thornton LLP (Chicago)
  • JP Morgan Securities (New York and the United Kingdom)
  • Marsh & McLennan Companies (United Kingdom)
  • Morningstar (Chicago)
  • The World Bank (Washington, DC)

Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

  • Publicis Public Relations and Advertising (France)


  • General Dynamics (Washington, DC)
  • Raytheon Company (Boston)
  • Rolls Royce Rotatives (United Kingdom)

Transportation and Logistics

  • DHL (Germany)


  • The European Commission (Belgium)
  • The European Parliament (Belgium)


  • EDCO Eindhoven B.V. (Netherlands)

Life Science/Biotechnology

  • Kemin Industries (Belgium)

Media and Entertainment

  • Deutsche Welle (Germany)
  • NBC (New York)
  • Time Warner, Inc. (New York)

Sporting Industry/Sporting Apparel

  • Adidas Group (Germany)