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  • Wall Fellows Curriculum

    The Wall Fellows Program provides one-on-one career and personal coaching, as well as unique internship experiences, to prepare them for their career.

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  • Internships

    The Wall Fellows have been placed in internships with companies such as Capital One Bank, CBS News, Disney World, Ernst and Young, KPMG, Gucci, The Ritz Carlton and more!

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  • Global Trips and Experiences

    A significant part of the Wall Fellows curriculum is based on hands-on experiences, which include traveling to meet with business leaders from around the world.

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  • Creed and Code of Conduct

    The Wall Fellows creed and code of conduct is central to the mission of the program and to the values we seek to inspire.

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  • Wall Fellows in the news

    Current Wall Fellows and alumni of the program are making their mark in the world! Click below to read about their personal and professional accomplishments.

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Wall Fellows Program  

The Wall Fellows Program is a uniquely designed, two-year program that prepares top students across all majors for high-level careers in major U.S. and international organizations. Students are chosen for the Wall Fellows Program through a rigorous application process in the second semester of their sophomore year, which starts with a detailed written application and includes three different levels of personal interviews. The program provides members one-on-one career and personal coaching to prepare them for their desired career and/or internship. 

Please explore our website and learn more about the program, current Wall Fellows and those who have graduated from the program, as well as the application process and the program curriculum.

If you have questions about the program, contact the Wall Fellows office at 843-349-6509, or contact Gina Cummings, director of the Wall Fellows Program, at

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Our role is to prepare students not for their first job, but for their last job. - E. Craig Wall Jr.

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