Wall Fellows Internships  


The Wall Fellows Internship Program is a critical component of the Wall Fellows experience. From the outset, the program has sought to create internship opportunities that are highly engaging, provide an intensive mentoring experience and push students to a new level of competence and sociocultural sophistication. Wall Fellows are REQUIRED to complete two internships and have a minimum of 600 cumulative internship hours.  Elective course credit may be granted through the student's individual college for this experience. A sample of organizations with whom Wall Fellows have interned is listed below.


Accounting/Banking/Financial Services

  • Capital One Bank (Virginia)
  • Cigna Insurance (New York)
  • Citigroup (Florida, United Kingdom)
  • Credit Suisse (New York)
  • Deloitte and Touche, LLP (New York)
  • Ernst & Young (New York)
  • Euroeast Investments (London)
  • Goldman Sachs (New York)
  • KPMG (North Carolina, Pennsylvania)
  • National Westminster Bank (United Kingdom)
  • Nations Bank (Georgia)
  • Norwest Financial (South Carolina)
  • Royal Bank of Canada (North Carolina)
  • Sun Trust Banks  (Florida)
  • UBS Investment Bank (Connecticut, New York)
  • Wells Fargo Bank (Virginia)

Freight Transportation

  • UPS (Georgia)

Life Science/Biotechnology

  • Kemin Industries (Belgium)


  • AVX Corporation (South Carolina)
  • Hennecke GmbH (Germany)
  • Kimberly Clark 
  • OTIS Elevators
  • Rolls Royce Corporation (Richmond, Indianapolis)
  • Schott AG (Germany)
  • Scott's Miracle Grow
  • Sig Sauer (Germany)


  • Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Development (Georgia)
  • Waccamaw Community Foundation (South Carolina)


Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

  • CBS News (New York)
  • GSD&M  (Illinois)
  • Ketchum Belgium (Belgium)
  • One Partners (Australia)
  • SouthWest Marketing (Chile)


  • Horry County School District (South Carolina)
  • The Springfield, Massachusetts School System (Massachusetts)


  • Bechtel & Company  (New York)


  • Brooks Brothers (New York)
  • Gucci & Company (New York)


  • Bayer (Germany)
  • ICN-Huber Pharmaceuticals (Spain)

Resort Tourism/Hospitality/Golf Industry

  • Broadmoor Hotel (Colorado)
  • The Lowell (New York)
  • Pebble Beach Resorts and Golf Courses (California)
  • Pinehurst Resort (North Carolina)
  • Ritz Carlton (Florida)
  • Sea World and Disney World (Florida)

Sporting Industry/Sporting Apparel

  • Adidas Group (Amsterdam)
  • Carolina Panthers (North Carolina)
  • Sports Promotion Marketing (Maryland)
  • Washington Redskins (Virginia)