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Jennifer Boyle

HTC Distinguished Teacher Scholar Lecturer Award

Each year, a Coastal Carolina University faculty member who demonstrates outstanding teaching and who brings about student learning through scholarship and mentoring is given the HTC Distinguished Teacher Scholar Lecturer Award. The 2018 award winner is Jennifer Boyle, Ph.D., professor of English.

Boyle has been with CCU for eight years and was awarded the College of Humanities and Fine Arts Award for Distinguished Scholarship in 2011 and the Sigma Tau Delta Professor of the Year Award in 2014-2015. She designed and spearheaded the new digital culture and design program, a cross-disciplinary major already popular among students in its first year due to her innovative teaching style and ability to connect and engage with the students she teaches and advises. Boyle continues to explore new approaches to digital scholarship, and her work that incorporates new digital media and concepts into the critical examination of early modern literature is breaking new ground in her field. She edited two books that were published in the fall of 2017: “Digital Medieval Literature and Culture: A Routledge Handbook” and “The Retro-Futurism of Cuteness.”

As the winner of this award, made possible through a generous donation from the Horry Telephone Cooperative, Boyle will present a lecture on the transformative effects of digital technology on American life titled “Observations Upon a Blazing World: Reading, Writing and Creating in the Digital Age” to the public on March 20. “This proposal is particularly timely, and Boyle is an excellent interpreter of these conditions,” says Dan Ennis, former dean of the Thomas W. and Robin W. Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts. “Her work in emerging media and digital literatures has been outstanding.”