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HTC Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Lecturer

One of the time-honored descriptors of a University is "a community of scholars." It is a unique community where faculty scholars‌ as creators of knowledge are also those charged with being the transmitters or communicators of knowledge. In the ideal, the teacher-scholar faculty is one composed of individuals who as teachers communicate what as scholars they are still learning. To recognize the special role of communication in the teacher-scholar process, the University, in cooperation with the Horry Telephone Cooperative, has established the Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Lecturer Award.

The intent of the Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Lecturer Award is to recognize annually a Coastal Carolina University faculty member who has distinguished him/herself as a teacher, a scholar and a communicator. The Awardee will be an individual who embodies the University's teacher-scholar ideal of searching for and transmitting knowledge through critical inquiry and teaching in his or her own discipline and who supports and appreciates critical inquiry and teaching in the other disciplines of the University. Nominees for this prestigious award may come from any area of knowledge or expression at the University.

To underscore the communication aspect of the teacher-scholar process, the Awardee will present an original lecture/presentation to the University community and community guests on a topic of his/her choice that illustrates the depth and breadth of the Awardee's teacher-scholar abilities. 

Guidelines and Procedures:
  • Nominees will be tenured members of the full-time faculty of Coastal Carolina University.
  • Nominations may come from any of several sources (e.g., peers, students, staff, alumni, self-nomination, community members).
  • A Committee, appointed by the Provost in consultation with the President, composed of representatives from the faculty and administration will evaluate the nominees and recommend the selection of the Lecturer to the Provost.
  • The Lecturer will receive a $1,000 stipend and a plaque of recognition.
  • The formal program will include:
    • a dinner for the honoree which will include his/her invited guests, the sponsor, and University officials;
    • the lecture/presentation by the honoree preceded by a brief award ceremony.
Recipients of the Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Lecturer Award:

The DTSLA Collection is available at Kimbel Library: DTSLA Collection

2021 Charles Clary, Associate Professor/Foundations Coordinator, Visual Arts

  • 2020 Dr. Carolyn Dillian, Professor of Anthropology and Geography, “Misadventures in Archaeology: Charles Conrad Abbott and the Evolution of a Discipline”
  • 2019 Dr. Eliza Glaze, Professor of History, "A Taste of Paradise: Medicine, Trade, and Consumption in the pre-Modern Mediterranean"
  • 2018 Dr. Jen Boyle, Professor of English, "Observations Upon a Blazing World: Reading, Writing and Creating in a Digital Age"
  • 2017 Dr. John Hutchens, Professor of Biology, "Prey Capture by a Local Charismatic Species: The Venus Flytrap"
  • 2016 Dr. Robert F. Young, Professor of Marine Science and Director of Undergraduate Research, “Fins, Flukes and Flippers: The Ecology and Management of Bottlenose Dolphins in the Carolinas”
  • 2015 Dr. Pamela Martin, Professor of Politics, "Confronting Crisis: The Politics of Sustainability in the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands."
  • 2014 Dr. Terry F. Pettijohn, Associate Professor of Psychology, "Billboard Music Popularity in Good Times and in Bad."
  • 2013 Dr. Arne R. Flaten, Professor of Visual Arts, "Preparing the next generation: Virtual archaeology and cultural heritage."
  • 2012 Dr. Maria Bachman*, Professor of English, "We read, therefore we are: Novel reading in the age of neuroscience." (*This award announced in Fall 2011 and Dr. Bachman presented in 2012.)
  • 2010 Dr. Chris Hill*, Associate Professor of Biology, "Birds on the edge of two worlds." (*This award announced in Fall 2010 and Dr. Hill presented in 2011.)
  • 2009 Dr. Varavut Limpasuvan, Professor of Physics, "Diagnosing the beating heart of our atmosphere: A puzzle for future generations
  • 2008 Dr. Steven Hammelman, Professor of English, "Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Ten Iconic Scenes in the Wilderness of Classic American Fiction."
  • 2007 Dr. James Luken, Professor of Biology, "Tourists in Paradise: Making the Nature Connection in Coastal Carolina."
  • 2006 Dr. Paul Gayes, Palmetto Professor of Marine Science and Geology, " Castles of Sand and Steel: The Collision of Growth and Policy with the State’s Advancing Shoreline."
  • 2005 Mr. Jim Eason, Professor of Accounting, Finance and Economics, " Achieving the Dream: Values, Change and Service to the Community."
  • 2004 Dr. Sharon Thompson, Professor/Coordinator of Health Promotion, "Nine Nutrition Tips for a Healthier South Carolina."
  • 2003 Dr. Susan Libes, Professor of Marine Science and Chemistry, "Why we should all be Waccamaw Waterwatchers."
  • 2002 Dr. Richard O. Collin, Palmetto Professor of Politics, "Us and Them: Why the World Puzzles America."
  • 2001 Dr. Sally Z. Hare, Singleton Professor of Education, "I'll Meet You in the Field: the Intersection of Education and Community."
  • 2000 Dr. Stephen J. Nagle, Professor of English, "The Life and Times of the English Language: an unauthorized biography."
  • 1999 Dr. Richard F Dame, Palmetto Professor of Marine Science, "From the Forest to the Sea: South Carolina's Productive Estuaries."
  • 1998 Dr. Roy Talbert, Jr., Professor of History, "So Fine a Beach: Peter Horry's Summer of 1812."
  • 1997 Dr. Sara L. Sanders, Professor of English , "The Story Way of Knowing in the Context of Community."
  • 1996 Dr. Edgar Dyer, Professor of Political Science, "Insuring Domestic Tranquility and Securing the Blessings of Liberty in 21st Century America."