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Recognizing Faculty, Staff & Students for Outstanding Achievement

Walking through Coastal Carolina University's exquisite campus, one may become too entranced by its forested beauty to recognize the amazing community of faculty, staff and students that continue to uphold the school's latin motto, Ex Libertate Veritas – From Liberty, Truth.  Every group at Coastal is special.  Our faculty go the extra mile to ensure that students are capable professionals; students take initiative to gain practical skillsets and achieve academic prestige. Our staff members are the buttresses of the university, augmenting it for future generations. Without these three key groups, Coastal would not be the thriving university that it is. This page has been designed to recognize our wonderful Coastal community, and ensure that its achievements are known.

Faculty Recognition

The Atheneum is CCU's faculty & staff newsletter. Every month, this publication honors faculty and staff doing amazing things for the campus community and university mission. To view The Atheneum newsletter, follow the link below:

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Coastal Carolina University President David A. DeCenzo
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"I want to take a moment to say, I appreciate every one of you..."

- President Decenzo to Employees, March 3, 2017



Special Awards from the Honors Convocation

Recognizing Our Incredible Students

Commencement Stage and Crowd
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CCU's student body is capable of amazing feats. Accordingly, we have designated a myriad of success programs to enable students to achieve their goals, expand their professional portfolios, and become capable leaders both during and after their time at Coastal. For more information, see our student success page.