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Richard Viso, Ph.D.

Associate Dean/Professor

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Douglas Hall 210N

Office hours: by appointment


Ph.D., Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island, Oceanography (concentration area: marine geology and geophysics)
M.S., Geology, West Virginia University
B.S., Geology, Virginia Tech

Richard Viso's vita

Research and Teaching Interests

Rich Viso's research interests include the application of geophysical imaging techniques to coastal, marine, and seafloor environments. Examples include:

  • Application of electrical resistivity tomography to submarine groundwater discharge studies,
  • Multibeam and backscatter imaging of shallow coastal settings, and
  • Seafloor and subbottom imaging for tectonic reconstructions and illumination of other geological processes.

Areas of Expertise 

  • Electrical resistivity tomography
  • Multibeam echosounding
  • Marine geology
  • Applied coastal geophysics

Recent Publications

Peterson, R.N., W.S. Moore, S. Chappel, R.F. Viso, Libes, S.M. and L.E. Peterson. 2016. New perspectives on coastal hypoxia: Natural drivers among a highly developed shoreline. Marine Chemistry, 179(1), 1-11.

Su, N., W.C. Burnett, H.L. MacIntyre, J.D. Liefer, R.N. Peterson and R. Viso. 2014. Natural radon and radium isotopes for assessing groundwater discharge into Little Lagoon, Alabama: Implications for harmful algal blooms. Estuaries and Coasts. DOI 10.1007/s12237-013-9734-9

Hutchins, P., Smith, E.K., Koepfler, E., Viso, R.F. and Peterson, R.N. 2013. Metabolic responses of estuarine microbial communities to discharge of surface runoff and groundwater from contrasting landscapes. Estuaries and Coasts. DOI 10.1007/s12237-013-9719-8

Peterson, R.N., Viso, R.F., MacDonald, I.R. and Joye, S.B. 2013. On the utility of radium isotopes as tracers of hydrocarbon discharge, Marine Chemistry, 156(1), 98-107.