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Graduate Council

The Graduate Council considers any academic matters related to graduate education at the University.

Specific areas of consideration for the Graduate Council include new degree program proposals and new graduate courses; changes in degree programs or courses; new and existing policies, procedures, and assessment related to graduate study. Actions taken by the council related to these matters are forwarded to the Faculty Senate for consideration.

Graduate Council Membership

The Graduate Council comprises eight elected faculty members (two elected from each college) with voting powers. The elected members serve for three-year terms. Non-voting members of the Graduate Council include one representative from Kimbel Library and one from Faculty Senate, and graduate program coordinators/directors. The dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Research (who serves as chair of the council) and the registrar both serve as ex officio members. 

2019-2020 Graduate Council Meetings

All meetings are held on Wednesdays from Noon to 1:30 p.m. in Edwards (EHFA) 164

Sept. 4 | Submission deadline Aug. 21
Oct. 2
| Submission deadline Sept. 18
Nov. 6 | Submission deadline Oct. 23
Dec. 4 
| Submission deadline Nov. 20
Jan. 8 | Submission deadline Dec. 18 (if meeting is necessary)
Feb. 5
 | Submission deadline Jan. 22
March 4 | Submission deadline Feb. 19
April 1
 | Submission deadline March 18
May 6 | Submission deadline April 22

Graduate Council Roster
Wall College of Business Administration

Olajumoke Awe (term begins 2018-2019)
Michael Latta (term begins 2019-2020)

Spadoni College of Education

Austin Hitt (term begins 2019-2020)
Richard Costner (term begins 2018-2019)

Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts

Joe Oestreich (term begins 2019-2020)
Philip Whalen  (term begins 2019-2020)

Gupta College of Science

Erin Hackett (term begins 2018-2019)
Colleen McGlone (term begins 2019-2020)

Facuty Senate Representative

Roi Gurka (term begins 2019-2020)

Kimbel Library Representative

Eric Resnis (term begins 2019-2020)

Graduate Program Coordinators/Directors

Not assigned

Ex officio

Dan Lawless, Registrar
Robert Young, Interm Dean of Graduate Studies and Research (chair)