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Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the closing of many high schools and colleges across the country, the CEaL program will be moved from starting in July to starting in August. As updates are made to the program, this site will be updated.

Coastal Education and Leadership (CEaL) is an introductory immersion fall program at Coastal Carolina University that offers students who have been conditionally admitted to the University an opportunity to get an early start to college and attend classes in the fall to have the opportunity to become fully admitted to CCU for the spring. CEaL provides students with an early start in their transition to campus life by moving in a week before the fall semester begins. During that week, CEaL students will be enrolled in a one-credit hour college course designed to introduce them to the program, prepare for the transition from high school to college and to the Coastal Carolina University community.

During the fall semester, students will be enrolled in two courses with participating CEaL program students, then will work with their academic advisor to select the remainder of courses to complete their schedule. There is also required meetings with an academic coach, advisor and tutor during the fall semester.  

In addition to having the opportunity to successfully complete the program and become a Chanticleer, students will have the benefit of early contact with CCU Peer Leaders, faculty and staff members to discuss their academic and professional goals. Successful completion of this program will award students full admission status into Coastal Carolina University.

Fall 2020

August 9th - CEaL students move onto campus

Week of August 10th-14th - Attend UNIV-101 course and participate in CEaL Program events

Weekend of August 15th-18th - Participate in CINO Tie Welcome Weekend 

August 19th - Fall classes begin


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