Program Requirements - Coastal Carolina University
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CEaL Program Requirements

To successfully complete the summer portion of the CEaL program and continue to the fall semester, students must:

1. Complete the summer online UNIV-154 Fundamentals of Integrative Learning course with a grade of C or higher, and

2. Attend and participate in 80% or more of the CEaL Welcome Week programs and events.


To successfully complete the fall portion of the CEaL program, students must:

1. Complete the fall UNIV-110C First Year Experience course with a grade of C or higher,

2. Attend Student Success Team meetings with their Academic Coaching Specialist, Academic Advisor, and student Peer Leader,

3. Complete the fall semester with a 2.0 term GPA and 12 credit hours, and

4. Have no conduct violations.


If a CEaL student does not complete the fall CEaL program requirements, they would be eligible to submit an appeal to continue to the spring semester and will be placed on academic probation and required to complete the SOAR program. 

Students who successfully complete the CEaL Program in the fall, will be invited to join the CINO Accelerate program in the spring.