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Why was I admitted into the CEaL program?

CEaL was established to provide comprehensive academic support to offer capable students who otherwise may not be able to attend due to their standardized test scores another opportunity to become fully admitted to CCU. Students are admitted without regard to age, sex, sexual orientation, race, disability or faith.

What are the requirements to be admitted into Coastal from the CEaL program?

Students in the CEaL program must participate in and successfully complete the program during their first semester at Coastal Carolina University. Students successfully completing the fall semester of the CEaL program will be invited to join the CINO Accelerate program. As with all CCU students, any student earning below a 2.0 GPA at the end of the program on graded hours at Coastal Carolina University, will be placed on academic probation and required to complete the SOAR program

How can I get more information about the CEaL Program?

If you have additional questions about the CEaL Program or need more information, please contact Dr. Daphne Holland, Assistant Provost of Student Success Initiatives, at dhollan1@coastal.edu or 843-349-6901.

Which English course will I be enrolled in for the fall?

  • If you do not transfer in any English courses from AP, IB, Dual Enrollment or other form of transfer English credit to equate to ENGL-101, you will be enrolled in ENGL-101 - Composition.
  • If you transfer in ENGL-101 equivalent credit, you will be enrolled in ENGL-102- Composition and Critical Reading.
  • If you transfer in both ENGL-101 and ENGL-102 equivalent credits, you will have the option to select a course within the core curriculum. 

What is the UNIV-110 First-Year Experience course?

This course is designed to enhance the satisfaction and success of first year students. The course focuses on developing critical and creative thinking, information literacy skills, improving written and oral communication skills, setting personal and academic goals, developing structured and consistent study habits, practicing effective time management, and becoming contributing members of the Coastal community. This course is a university graduation requirement and must be completed with a grade of ‘C’ or better.

When do fall classes begin?

To find all important dates, like the first day of class, visit the CCU Academic Calendar.