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Frequently Asked CEaL Program Questions

Why was I admitted into the CEaL program?

CEaL was established to provide comprehensive academic support to offer capable students who otherwise may not be able to attend due to their standardized test scores another opportunity to become fully admitted to CCU. Students are admitted without regard to age, sex, sexual orientation, race, disability or faith.

What are the requirements to be admitted into Coastal from the CEaL program?

You must earn a minimum grade of "C" or higher in both courses and a grade of "S" for satisfactory in the ACED-101 Academic Strategy Development course.

How do I know which courses to take?

The CEaL Program provides students with rigorous coursework in two college level courses and an Academic Strategy Development course. Students will be enrolled in both an English course and have the option to rank their interest in their second enrolled course, which will be either a History or Sociologycourse. 

How do I rank my classes?

Go to https://www.coastal.edu/app/academic/cealprogram/

When will I get my schedule?

You can log into WebAdvisor to view your schedule and your schedule will also be provided at move-in. You must register for the CEaL New Student Orientation in order to be enrolled in your CEaL classes. 

What is the Academic Strategy Development course?

It’s a 0 credit course, so there is no addition tuition cost to be enrolled.

Course Description:

(0 credits) This action-orientated, skill based course is designed to assist students in developing a better understanding of their individualized academic and personal areas of strength and challenge and develop the skills and strategies necessary to improve their academic and personal performance. Critical skill development covered in this course include, but are not limited to, course assessment, reflection and self-regulation. F,S

Course Purpose:

Emphasis is placed on personal accountability, self-assessment and reflection, personal management, planning, and academic skill development. Students will receive assistance identifying personal barriers to success, setting appropriate academic goals, and developing and implementing metacognitive strategies in their courses. Students will practice reflecting on their academic experiences, and will learn to track their outcomes and make necessary adjustments to their academic approaches.

Course Objectives:

Introduce and/or enhance the development of the following skills:

  • Self-assessment, reflection and personal management
  • Understanding faculty expectations
  • Making the most of class time (preparing for and using class time effectively)
  • Active study strategies
  • Test taking strategies
  • Communicating with faculty
  • Active reading strategies
  • Understanding professors’ feedback
  • Online preparation

How do I get text books/workbooks/materials?

You are responsible for buying your books and materials. Most students do not receive enough financial aid to cover the costs of books and materials. The cost each semester could be $200 or more depending on the number and type of courses you are taking. Textbooks can be purchased or rented at the Chanticleer Store or through online vendors.

Where do I go to get my books?

You can visit the CCU bookstore, located in the HTC Center.

Do I need to fill out another FAFSA for CEaL?

Yes, you need to complete both the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. Please call our Financial Aid office, (843) 349-2313.

Am I required to live in campus housing in order to participate in the CEaL program?

All CEaL students are required to live on campus, unless you are living with a parent/legal guardian within 50 miles of CCU and that is the address on file with the Office of Admissions, you are required to live on campus. There are many benefits to living on campus: you are closer to the action, getting to classes is easy, meals are prepared for you and the library is open 24/7.

When do I move in?

Move-in is Wednesday, July 8th. University Housing will send out an email with times.

What are the advantages of the CEaL program?

The advantages of being in the CEaL Program include early contact with faculty and staff, the opportunity at a quality academic start by completing two courses toward graduation at a cost savings, and use of CCU facilities including the HTC Student Recreation Center, student support services and Student Health Services.

When will I be able to select my room assignment?

You will be able to select your room assignment in MyCoastalHome in late May. You can access MyCoastalHome through University Housing. See the University Housing website for more details about room selection, coastal.edu/housing.

How can I find out what’s going on?

Check your CCU student webmail regularly, preferably every day. You will see announcements, calendars, notices of activities and deadlines. You can also check your account balances, schedule, courses completed and more. CCU offers many ways to see what is going on, from postings in your residence hall, email, the CCU Mobile app and Coastal Connections.

How do I get my coastal.edu email?

Access Microsoft Office 365 Outlook email by logging into https://portal.office.com using your full CCU email address (username@coastal.edu) and your password, then click on the Outlook icon to access email.

Call Admissions at (843) 349-2170 to get email information if you misplaced it.

What if I was supposed to receive an email and I don't see it?

First, check all the folders in your email. Student email is sometimes sorted into folders titled "Focused" and "Other." You should see them directly under the word "Inbox," or in the "Filter" menu. 

When do I need to pay all my fees?

Tuition for the CEaL program is due by June 11th.

Why do I pay a $100 enrollment fee?

The $100 enrollment fee let’s CCU know you plan to attend. You can pay the $100 through your Webadvisor account or call the Office of Admissions at 843-349-2170 and pay with credit card over the phone. This $100 deposit will be credited to your CEaL tuition cost.

Once you have paid the $100 Enrollment fee please make sure to register for New Student Orientation. This is mandatory for all incoming freshman. Visit CEaL Student Orientation to register. You will automatically be registered for the July 9-10 orientation. The fee for incoming students is $75 for the online orientation and $20 for each guiest who wishes to attend the in-person session.

48 hours after you pay your $100 Enrollment deposit you will be able to go in and complete your first phase of the housing application. Go to MyCoastalHome to apply for housing. There is a $150 fee for this process. $100 of this fee will be credited towards your housing bill.

If I need help, where do I go?

As a CEaL Program student, you benefit from services offered at CCU. The following individuals are available to assist you: CEaL Peer Leaders in your living area, Graduate Assistants, Academic Coaches, your Professors and the Assistant Provost. You can also get help with your computer and technology through CCU's Student Computing Services.

Do my parents have access to my college information?

According to federal legislation called Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the right to review and/or amend education records transfers from parents to the student at age 18 or enrollment in postsecondary education. You, the student, are the only one (aside from authorized college officials) who has the right to view your records and information or authorize others to view your information. Some exceptions may apply if a student submits a written request/documentation to the Office of the Registrar. By doing so, you give them access to financial records, grades and other information. Please discuss this matter with your parents.

Can I visit/tour Coastal Carolina University prior to attending?

CCU offers tours every weekday except holidays at 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. (September through April) and at 9:30 a.m. only (May through August). For more information, visit the Office of Admissions.

How can I get more information about the CEaL Program?

To learn more about CCU, go to www.coastal.edu. If you have additional questions about the CEaL Program or need more information, please contact Daphne Holland, assistant provost of student success initiatives, at dhollan1@coastal.edu.

When do CEaL classes begin?

Classes begin bright and early Monday, July 13th.

When do CEaL classes end?

Classes conclude for the Summer 2 session August 7th.

When do fall classes begin?

Fall classes begin August 19th.

How do I register for New Student Orientation?

Visit the CEaL Student Orientation link.

What orientation do I sign up for?

You will be automatically enrolled in the July 9-10 session.

What can I bring?

Go to https://www.coastal.edu/housing/livingoptions/whattobring/ for a list of items

Should I bring everything?

Yes. You will be in the same room for the fall and spring semesters.

Do I have to clean out my room after CEaL?

No. You will only turn in your key then collect it when you return for the fall.

Do I have to complete the AlcoholEdu?

Yes. It is required for all incoming freshman.

Can I live with anyone when the fall starts or do I have to room with a CEaL student?

No. You must live with another CEaL student. The CEaL program provides a living, learning community.

Can I work during CEaL?

Because of the rigor of the program, it is highly discouraged.

I have a family vacation planned during CEaL, can I miss and just make up the work online?

Because of the rigor of the program, it is highly recommended students not miss class. One class is equivalent to one week of class. Also, the courses are not available online.

Can I go home on weekends?

Yes. However, there is one weekend in which there is an event that is highly recommended all students attend.

How long is the CEaL program?

Classes are from Monday, July 13 – Friday, August 7th

I am having trouble applying for housing and selecting my meal plan.

Reach out to University Housing at (843) 349-6400

How do I upload my photo for my CINO card?

Reach out to the CINO card office at (843) 349-4000

How much does the CEaL program cost?

Please go to the CEaL Program Fees page to see program cost.

What does the meal plan include?

Includes 50 meal swipes to use for the duration of the plan at our All-You-Care to eat dining halls and at additional Meal Swipe (M.S.) locations. The 50 Block comes with $200 Dining Dollars to use at all of our dining locations.

How do I send in my immunization records? Or did you receive my immunization records?

For your convenience, please find three options for submitting your immunization documents below:

  1. Go to https://coastal.medicatconnect.com and create a unique username and password.  Enter all the required immunizations and then upload your Health History and Immunization/TB Prescreening Forms or Documents into the student portal home page OR;
  2. Mail to Student Health Services at PO Box 261954, Conway, SC 29528 OR;
  3. Fax to Student Health Services at 843-349-6546.

If you have any questions regarding the university's immunization requirements, please call Student Health Services at 843-349-6543.

I’m local, do I have to live on campus?

All CEaL students are required to live on campus, unless you are living with a parent/legal guardian within 50 miles of CCU and that is the address on file with the Office of Admissions, you are required to live on campus.

Did you get my updated test scores?

Call Admissions at (843) 349-2170

What do I do in CEaL CINO Quest?

This "quest" for CEaL students is FREE and an exciting and engaging weekend of programs, events and activities to get to know the CCU campus, meet future friends, and prepare you for college life as you begin your first semester at Coastal Carolina University. The weekend includes a multitude of activities and events that will be sure to challenge and help you be a leader! You will have the opportunity to meet other students, challenge yourself, learn about Coastal traditions, and much more. Please see attached CINO Quest schedule. *During Orientation and CEaL CINO Quest, all students are to remain on campus and curfew to be in Eaglin Hall is midnight.

Do I have to pay for CEaL CINO Quest?

NO, it’s included in the program fees.