Photos submitted online should be equivalent to a driver's license or a passport photo.

Photo submission requirements:

  • It is a recent color photo of yourself only. No other visible people or objects
  • It is cropped from just above the top of the head to the collarbone
  • It is centered, full-face view with a neutral facial expression or a natural smile
  • It is facing straight ahead, no head tilts
  • It has a plain, solid white or off-white background (i.e white wall, white poster board or white screen. NO patterns, textures or scenic backgrounds)
  • It should not include hats, sunglasses or any other article that may obstruct the face or hair
  • Social media profile photos, glamour photos, and debutante photos should not be submitted

You can smile for your CINO Card photo!

Photo File Types
The photo upload feature accepts JPEG, PNG, and GIF file types.

Photo File Size 
The default maximum file size accepted for an uploaded file is 1 MB.

Photo Dimensions
The default viewable size of a photo is 225 x 150. If a user uploads a photo that does not match these dimensions, the photo is automatically scaled and cropped as necessary. The user can view the photo immediately after the upload to see the resized version.

It is understood that by submitting a photo online for your official University ID, you agree that the photo may be used for University business. Please contact the CINO Card office if you have questions about Photo Upload Policy and Procedures: 843-349-4000 or 


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