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Terms and ConditionsEffective Date 01/01/2020

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The CINO Card identifies the cardholder as a student, faculty, staff or affiliate of the University. Upon receiving the card, the individual agrees to the following Terms and Conditions:


A. CINO Card - The official identification card and property of the University.

B. Cardholder - Official member of the University including enrolled student, faculty/staff, and University affiliates (e.g., food service and bookstore).

C. Card Access Control - The University's access control system authenticates University members’ identification, credentials, and access privileges.

D. Declining Balance - (e.g. CINO CASH, XTRA-DINING DOLLARS) Meal plan and dining dollar accounts, including Xtra-Dining Dollars, cannot be used off-campus and are restricted to food service locations on campus.


A. The CINO Card is the property of Coastal Carolina University. Once an individual takes possession of the CINO Card they agree to the Terms and Conditions identified herein. The authorized holder of the CINO Card has the responsibility to follow those privileges described in this Agreement.

B. Proof of identification is required when obtaining a CINO Card. Driver’s License, State/Government issued picture I.D., or Passports are accepted forms of identification.


A. A lost/stolen card may be reported 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, online at https://www.coastal.edu/cinocard by following the link to “CINO Card Login." During regular office hours reports shall be made to the CINO Card Office, in person or by phone at 843-349-4000.

B. A damaged or defaced CINO Card is not valid and must be replaced by the CINO Card Office. The initial CINO Card will be provided at no charge. Each replacement card will cost $20. If the card is not usable because of normal wear and tear, a replacement will be provided free of charge. If the card is stolen and a police report is shown, a free replacement will be provided.

C. The CINO Card has a five-year expiration date. After five years, the card will become inactive. If the card reaches the five-year expiration and the cardholder is still an active member of the university, the cardholder will receive a free replacement once a new photo of the cardholder has been submitted.

D. It is the cardholder’s responsibility to properly care for the CINO Card. Items may not be attached to (i.e. stickers, etc.) or holes punched into the card. Such alterations or damage to the card are not considered normal wear and tear as per III.B.


A. CINO Cash and Extra-Dining Dollars accounts are automatically activated on every CINO Card upon issuance.

B. There is no earned interest associated with a cardholder’s CINO Card accounts.

C. Funds deposited in cardholder’s declining balance accounts are non-transferable. Deposits will be posted to the cardholder’s declining balance account for immediate use. The cardholder is responsible for all attempted deposits that do not clear as well as purchases made against any such attempted deposit. Rejected deposits will be immediately removed from the declining account, and the declining balance account will be charged a returned transaction fee. The University reserves the right to place declining balance accounts on hold in the event a deposit is returned or rejected.


A. The maximum balance for a declining balance account is $2,500. No cash withdrawals are permitted.

B. Purchases of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and all related products including but not limited to drug paraphernalia, firearms and/or ammunition/explosives, stored value gift cards and/or debits cards are prohibited.


A. Although the CINO Card and CINO Cash may be used to purchase various good and services from off-campus vendors, this declining balance functionality is not an endorsement of these goods, services, or vendors by the University.

B. In consideration of this declining balance functionality and by using the CINO Card and CINO Cash to purchase goods and services from off-campus vendors, the cardholder agrees to release, hold harmless, and defend Coastal Carolina University, its current and former trustees, officers, directors, employees, representatives, agents, and volunteers, from liability and responsibility, whatsoever for any and all claims of action that I, my estate, heirs, executors, or assigns may have, including but not limited to personal injury, illness, and/or death arising from the purchase and use of goods and services from off-campus vendors using the CINO Card and CINO Cash.


A. The CINO Card can be used to obtain access to buildings and rooms on campus. The campus representative authorized to make decisions regarding the appropriate access for the cardholder approves the cardholder’s access. Written approval must be provided to the CINO Card Office before access is granted to the user’s card.

B. A profile may be changed, without notice, by the CINO Card Office when it is deemed necessary or appropriate.


A. Any credit that is due to the cardholder due to a merchandise refund or return, will be deposited back into the CINO Cash Account that was initially debited for the purchase.


A. A cardholder can close out a CINO Cash or Xtra Dining Dollars account upon graduation or separation from the University. After the account is closed, it cannot be reopened unless the cardholder re-enrolls in the University or comes back in a different role with the University. This does not include dining dollars associated with a meal plan.

B. Account Closure forms can be found online or picked up in the CINO Card office. Please fill out the Account Closure form and return it to the CINO Card office. Refunds can take up to a month and will be refunded to the bank account that is on file with the University.

C. CINO Cash and Xtra Dining Dollars with more than a year of inactivity will be closed and refunded. Accounts that are automatically closed will be subject to normal account closure processing fees

D. A $10 processing fee will be charged to the account and will be taken from the account balance prior to the refund. Accounts with a balance below $10 will not be refunded.