Emergency Contacts

CCU Emergency Contacts


CCU police and security offers are on patrol around the campus 24/7. If you need assistance of any kind, you can stop an officer on patrol or call 843-349-2911 for emergencies or 843-349-2177 for non-emergencies. 

Emergency Call Boxes:
Report an emergency or request emergency assistance

Emergency call boxes have been strategically positioned around the campus in the residence areas, the Atlantic Center and University Place. The emergency call boxes connect to CCU's 24-hour dispatch center. The call boxes work like walkie-talkies: push the button to talk, then release the button to allow the dispatcher to talk to you.

Important CCU Contacts

Public Safety
843-349-2177  |  www.coastal.edu/safety

843-234-3411  |  www.coastal.edu/chant411

Coastal Carolina University (switchboard)
843-347-3161  |  www.coastal.edu

Counseling Services
843-349-2305 (Monday through Friday) | 843-349-2911 (nights and weekends)  |  www.coastal.edu/counseling

Emergency Information Hotline

Emergency Management
843-349-5088  |  www.coastal.edu/emergency

Fire Safety
843-349-2930  |  www.coastal.edu/firesafety

Student Health Services
843-349-6543 (Monday through Friday)  |  www.coastal.edu/health

University Housing
Main Campus Desk  |  843-349-6410
Tradition Hall Desk  |  843-349-4127
University Place Desk  |  843-349-5060