Active Shooter/Armed Aggressor Situations or a Potential Threat

1. Secure-in-Place will be signaled by emergency alerts to the campus community as outlined on the Emergency Notification page.

  • If you are outside during a secure-in-place emergency, you should seek cover in the nearest unlocked building.
  • If the buildings in the immediate area have exterior doors that have been locked, continue to move away from the danger, seek cover, move to another building or leave campus if it is safe to do so.
  • Once inside, find an interior room and lock or barricade the doors.
  • To minimize vulnerability, turn off lights, silence phones, draw blinds and move away from windows.
  • Await further instruction from CCU Alerts and emergency personnel.
  • Do Not leave until an “All Clear” is received.

2. What is someone wants to enter a secure area?

If there is any doubt about the safety of the individuals inside the room or building, the area needs to remain secure. Allowing someone to enter a secure location may endanger you and others. USE GOOD JUDGMENT.