Before You Arrive - Coastal Carolina University
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Before You Arrive

Coastal Carolina is located within Conway South Carolina that is mainly made up of White (Non-Hispanic) and African American people. Since it is only 22 kilometers from the beach, it is a coastal setting that is surrounded with palm trees and sand! On average Conway South Carolina has 212 sunny days and 52 inches of rain per year. You can expect to see frogs, toads, lizards, and the occasional alligator amongst many more species 

Information and Reminders

The Center for Global Engagement is your primary point of contact during your study at Coastal Carolina University. The links below will provide you with some information and reminders of things you need to do before you arrive at Coastal Carolina University. Please be sure to complete each task as soon as possible.

Next Steps

Once you have completed the priority tasks above, please click on each box below for more tasks to complete before you arrive on campus.