Technology Purchases

ITS continuously researches, tests and evaluates computer systems, printers, upgrades and peripherals for use at Coastal Carolina University. The University purchases from major vendors including Apple, Dell, Hewlett Packard and Xerox.

Prior to making a technology purchase, ITS is required to review and approve the request to:

  • Assure compatibility with and functionality in the University environment
  • Consider security or integration challenges
  • Assure regulatory compliance and licensing requirements
  • Assure state contract pricing is considered
  • Consider resource impact, opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings

Before any technology or technology-related purchases are made at CCU, please carefully review the process outlined below. Technology purchases are classified as:

  • General Technology: hardware (computers, printers, etc.) and software items that are covered by a current agreement with the State of South Carolina or the University
  • New (or renewal/upgrades for existing) hardware/software/services that are not covered by a current agreement with the State of South Carolina or the University.

General Technology Requests

When considering a technology purchase, submit an Online Service Request to the ITS Service Center. An ITS staff member will be assigned to assist you in determining the best solution for your technology needs and obtaining the price quotes required to complete the technology-related purchase requisition.

New Technology, Upgrades, or Additions

When considering a new technology purchase, including the purchase of electronic applications* or renewing or upgrading an existing technology item or service, submit an Online Service Request to the ITS Service Center. Review and approval of new technology purchases are done in collaboration with ITS, Procurement, and University Council. The following are needed to facilitate this process:

  • A hard copy of the University Contract/Agreement Routing and Approval form approved/signed by the appropriate Cost Center Director.
  • A hard copy of the quote or proposal for the software.
  • A hard copy of all pertinent legal agreements (End User License Agreement (EULA), Terms of Use, Privacy Agreement, Scope of Work) necessary for the purchase, implementation, and use of the technology item or service.
  • A hard copy of the completed Technology Acquisition Request Form (Provided by ITS and completed by the requestor of the online service request).

Please submit a Non-Catalog Item purchase request via the Procurement ePro system and attach the requested documents.

Procurement Services

*Electronic Application Purchases: As outlined in the CCU Procurement Services Policies and Procedures manual:

“Due to the potential legal issues created by the requirements of certain vendors in connection with the purchase of electronic applications (such as utilized on iPhones® and iPads®), the use of the p-card or other direct payment methods to purchase such electronic applications is prohibited. In order to purchase business-related applications via personal accounts (such as iTunes®), users are required to utilize personal credit cards and request reimbursement from the University using the Personal Reimbursement form. Purchases also require the prior approval of a representative within the Information Technology Services area. It should be understood that the user and not the University will be accepting the terms and conditions that are required by the vendor with the purchase and prior to the download of the application. In addition, due to the ability to move applications from University-owned devices to personal devices, users requesting reimbursement will be required to sign a statement indicating that if the application is moved from a University-owned device due to termination of employment for any reason, the user will reimburse the University for the purchase. Department budget officers will be responsible for overseeing these requirements upon the termination of the individual’s employment. As applicable with all other situations, the purchase of goods or services for personal use using University funds is prohibited.”

ITS Approval and Next Steps

Following ITS review and approval, the Purchase Requisition and supportive documentation is forwarded by ITS to Procurement Services. For more information about the university's purchasing process, visit Procurement Services.

Once technology purchases are received, submit an Online Service Request to the ITS Service Center. An ITS staff member will be assigned to install, support and assist in utilization. If the purchase is a computer, printer, projector, or other technology-related device or equipment, follow the Fixed Asset Inventory Procedures for New Purchases.

Additional Resources

For information about ITS-supported software and technology services for faculty and staff, visit Computers and Software.

For a list of CCU's Standard Computers and specifications, submit an Online Service Request.

For information about technology purchases for students, visit Student Computing Services.