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ITS for Faculty and Staff

Technology Purchases

ITS continuously researches, tests and evaluates computer systems, printers, upgrades and peripherals for use at Coastal Carolina University. The University purchases from major vendors including Apple, Dell, Hewlett Packard and Xerox.

Prior to purchasing University computer hardware, computer peripherals and software, ITS is required to complete the following steps:

  • Review and approve the request to assure compatibility with and functionality on the University networks
  • Assure compliance with licensing requirements
  • Make state contract pricing is considered

When considering a technology purchase submit an online request to the ITS Service Center. An ITS staff member will be assigned to assist you in determining the best solution for your technology needs and the total cost of operation, obtaining price quotes, and securing ITS approval required to complete technology-related purchase requisitions. Once a quote and vendor-supplied contracts, if applicable are attached to a purchase requisition, and all necessary signatures (including ITS) are obtained, the person making the request submits the materials to Procurement Services. For more information about the university's purchasing process, visit Procurement Services.

Once the technology purchases are received on campus, an ITS staff member will install, support and assist in training and utilization. If the purchase is a computer, printer, projector or other technology-related device or equipment, follow the Technology Fixed Asset Inventory Control Procedures below.

For information about ITS-supported software and technology services for faculty and staff, visit Computers and Systems.

For information about technology purchases for students, visit Student Computing Services.

Technology Fixed Asset Inventory Control Procedures

When a new computer, printer, projector or other technology-related fixed asset is received:

  • Submit a request to set up the new equipment through the online ITS Job Request System. An ITS staff member will be assigned to the request to assist you.
  • Please do not open the box; the ITS staff member will make sure that the order is complete, as well as ensure that the equipment is securely configured and will efficiently function on university networks.
  • The ITS staff member will complete and return the Inventory Control Sheet that accompanies newly purchased, fixed asset equipment to Central Receiving. A copy of the Inventory Control Sheet will be provided to the designated department representative upon request.
  • Naming standards for technology equipment is designed to facilitate technology and fixed asset inventory management. Host names of computers, printers, projectors or other technology-related fixed assets are not to be altered without prior ITS approval.