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Client Support Services

Client Support Services encompasses Academic/Classroom Technology Services, Student Computing Labs, Student Technology Support Services, University Housing Technical Support Services, ITS Service Center and Field Support Service Services. The staff are professionals with broad experiences in technology consulting and support, as well as earned post-graduate degrees and professional certifications. They help solve day-to-day technical difficulties, assist in the management of technology resources, and research and assist with recommendations and solutions for technology needs across campus.


Jim Streicher
irector for Client Support Services
843-349-6921  |  Email

Ashley Long
Associate Director for Client Support Services
843-349-4171  |  Email


Denny French
Academic/Classroom Technology Support Manager
843-349-6538  |  Email

William "Justin" Old
Classroom Technology Integration Specialist
843-349-6520  |  Email

Dan Snyder
Media Resources Specialist
843-349-2581  |  Email

ITS Service Center and Field/System Services

Jesse Gaither
Client Support Services Manager
843-349-2050  |  Email

Doug Butters
IT Services Specialist
843-349-3429  |  Email

John Cripe
Field/System Services Manager
843-349-2432  |  Email

Travis Gregg
IT Technician
843-349-4172  |  Email

Robert "Logan" Vaught
IT Services Specialist
843-349-2589  |  Email 

Jim Wright
IT Services Specialist
843-349-2642  |  Email


Patrick Karetas
Student Technology Support and Computing Labs Manager
843-234-3422  |  Email

Evan Hecker
Coordinator for University Housing and Student Technology Support
843-234-3428  |  Email

John Volk
Student Computing Services Consultant
843-349-6582  |  Email