Information Security - Coastal Carolina University
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Computing and Information Security

Information security is a high priority for Coastal Carolina University. The primary goal of the information security program is to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all University information. Information security is everyone's responsibility.

Information security is everyone's responsibility. 

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ITS oversees the University's efforts to protect its computing and information assets and to comply with information-related privacy and security laws and regulations through the following:

  • Information security program development and maintenance
  • Information risk management
  • System-wide incident management
  • Security awareness and training

ITS constantly evaluates current security threats. Our staff takes all possible steps to ensure that proper measures and controls are in place to mitigate the impacts of risks and threats regarding information security. We make every effort to review risks, processes, practices, and procedures and make the necessary adjustments to address gaps accordingly. In addition, we administer training programs for University employees, including student employees.

It is important to remember that all members of the Coastal Carolina University community have a responsibility for maintaining data privacy and security.