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Major in Statistics

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics at Coastal Carolina University
seeks to provide students with a solid foundation in all aspects of statistical
analysis; including programming, data analysis, and oral and written commu-
nication. A more traditional program in statistics consists of a balance between
theory and application. Along with the more traditional attributes, the degree
will blend together statistical methods along with programming and commu-
nication skills that are necessary in today's job market. The degree program
requires all students to take core courses, coursework that delivers a strong
foundation in Mathematics and Statistics, and major coursework that exposes
students to advanced statistical methods and programming.

Statistics Major Course Map


  • STAT 201 Elementary Statistics Fall, Spring, Summer
  • STAT 201L Elementary Statistics Laboratory Fall, Spring, Summer
  • STAT 315 Regression Analysis Fall (even years)
  • STAT 316 Experimental Design I Fall
  • STAT 317 Nonparametric Statistical Methods Fall (odd years)
  • STAT 318 Applied Statistical Methods Spring
  • STAT 319 Categorical Data Analysis Spring (odd years)
  • STAT 320 Experimental Design II Spring (even years)
  • STAT 321 SAS Basics Fall (odd years)
  • STAT 323 Survey and Sampling Design Spring (even years)
  • STAT 390 Case Studies in Statistics Spring (odd years)
  • STAT 412 Statistical Inference I Fall
  • STAT 413 Statistical Inference II Spring (odd years)
  • STAT 414 Time Series Analysis Spring (odd years)
  • STAT 415 Bayesian Methods Fall (even years)
  • STAT 420 Statistical Computing Spring (even years)

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Thomas Hoffman, Ph.D.
Department Chair