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 Frequently Asked Questions

Intellectual Property

OSPRS General FAQs

Where can I find CCU polices related to the OSPRS?
Where can I find university forms related to the OSPRS?
Where can I find the university's Institutional Profile?
How do I contact the OSPRS?
Where is the OSPRS located?
What are the operating hours of the OSPRS?
What does the CCU IRB govern?
What is a human subject?
Is what I'm doing considered "research"?
What are the levels of IRB review?
Can I receive a retroactive IRB review?
Do surveys have to be reviewed by the IRB?
What is the difference between anonymous and confidential research participation?
What is CITI training?
Who is required to complete CITI training?
I am the faculty advisor/sponsor of a student doing research involving human subjects. Why do I need to complete the CITI training?
What should I do if I am conducting collaborative research with someone at another institution that also has an Institutional Review Board?
Do I need site permission to conduct my study?
Where can I find more information on the IRB processes, forms or templates?

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What does the CCU IACUC govern?
What are examples of IACUC reviewable activities?
Who can be a Principal Investigator on an IACUC Application?
What are the training requirements for IACUC protocol submission?
Where can I find more information on the IACUC processes, forms or templates?

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Pre-Award FAQs
What does pre-award mean?
How do I find external funding opportunities?
How do I know whether a “grant” proposal should be submitted through the OSPRS or the Office for Advancement and Alumni Engagement?
Who submits funding proposals?
May I submit proposals myself?
Who can serve as Principal Investigator?
Do students applying for research grants or fellowships need to go through the OSPRS?
Why does my Chair/Director/Dean need to approve my proposal?
Do preliminary proposals/letters of intent or interest/white papers need to be routed through the OSPRS?
What happens when I want to apply for a grant where the sponsor has a limit on the number of proposals an institution can submit?
How does the OSPRS handle sponsor deadlines that occur after 5:00 pm EST?
As a Principal Investigator, do I need to register with or SAM?
Do I need to obtain approval from the IRB (Human Subjects Committee) or the IACUC (Animal Care & Use Committee) before submitting the proposal, or later?
What will happen after the proposal is submitted to the sponsor?
If my proposal is funded, who accepts grant awards from the sponsor and signs agreements?
I’m new to Coastal and have an active grant award with my previous institution, how do I transfer it to Coastal?
How do I develop a budget?
What are fringe benefits?
What is cost-share?
What are direct costs?
What are indirect costs/F&A?
What are considered “off-campus” activities?
What happens when a sponsor doesn’t allow indirect costs or has a policy that reduces the university’s federally negotiated rate?
What is an allowable cost?
What is the difference between salaries/wages and stipends?
What is a course release and how do I charge it to my grant?
What items are considered equipment?
What do I need to do if I am including the purchase of equipment over $10k?
What are participant costs?
What is a subawardee, contractor and consultant?
Can a Coastal faculty member serve as a consultant or subcontractor on a grant awarded to another faculty member at Coastal?

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Post-Award FAQs
What does post-award mean?
How will I be notified if I receive an award?
Can I accept an award from a sponsor?
How do I get an account number for my new grant award or contract?
When can I start spending my grant or contract funds?
How do I make purchases, make travel arrangements, hire students, and receive grant funded extra compensation?
If a cost is an unallowable expense for budgeting purposes on a grant, could it be used for cost-share purposes for the grant instead?
How do I check the balance of my grant/contract account?
How are Indirect Costs (IDC) from my grant award distributed, and how can I check the balance of my IDC account?
How do I make changes to the budget, PI or key personnel, scope of work, or period of performance?
What is a No Cost Extension, and how do I request one?
Do I need to submit Progress/Technical Reports to OSPRS?

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Intellectual Property

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