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American Studies Minor

The American Studies Minor seeks to explore competing ideals and values that frame perceptions of American identity. Students will engage with, and analyze the various ways in which citizens and international observers view the American experience. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, students will develop their understanding of important political and social issues, cultural trends, and historical periods in the United States. Students will strengthen their critical thinking skills through close reading and analysis of materials such as art, literature, music, and popular culture. They will improve their writing and communication skills through discussion, written analyses, and presentations. Finally, they will develop research skills through independent research projects.

Drew Kurlowski
, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Political Science, Director of American Studies
Brittain Hall 348
843-349-4110  |  kurlowski@coastal.edu

Global Studies Minor

The Global Studies Minor offers students a rigorous and interdisciplinary approach to examine global issues, emphasizing the interactions and interconnections among the various global actors, peoples and their societies. The Global Studies Minor provides a well-rounded instruction, which will help prepare students for a variety of careers in international affairs or allow for specialization in a specific region or field of interest. The minor currently consists of seven main tracks made up of Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern, African, European, Global Culture, and International Political Economy, which take into account the varied and growing interests in global affairs. It will prepare students for further graduate study in international studies, international business, peace and world order studies, area studies, and the emergent global civil society. The minor equips students with the knowledge and experiences to pursue careers and opportunities in the foreign services, international development work, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), inter-governmental organization i.e. United Nations (UN), European Union (EU), International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank, environmental organization, and security agencies.

Tracks Available: Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, African Studies, European Studies, International Political Economy and Global Culture

Mariam Dekanozishvili, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Global Studies Minor Advisor
Brittain Hall 344
843-349-2799 | mdekanozi@coastal.edu

Political and Economic Thought Minor

The Political and Economic Thought Minor seeks to explore the relationship between politics and economics. Students take courses in both fields, illuminating the similarities and tensions between the two fields. Students learn about the competing goals and methods of political and economic factors, both within the United States and on a global scale. The courses utilize a variety of methodologies, ranging from close analysis of historical and philosophical texts to quantitative analysis.

Program Requirements (15 credits)

Complete the following (6 credits):

  • ECON*202 – Microeconomics (3 credits)
  • POLI*300 – Introduction to Political Theory (3 credits)

Complete one of the following (3 credits):

  • POLI*375 – Citizenship, Government, and the Economy (3 credits)
  • POLI*406 – American Political Thought (3 credits)

Complete one of the following (3 credits):

  • ECON*302 – Intermediate Microeconomic Theory and Analysis (3 credits)
  • ECON*313 - History of Economic Thought (3 credits)
  • ECON*321 - Government and Business (3 credits)
  • POLI*318 - International Political Economy (3 credits)

Complete one of the following (3 credits):

  • ECON*495Q* – Advanced Economic Theory and Analysis (3 credits)
  • ECON*399 – Independent Study (3 credits)
  • POLI*399Q – Independent Study (3 credits)

 Total Credit Hours: 15

Kimberly Hurd Hale, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Political Science
Brittain Hall 353
843-349-2653  |  khale1@coastal.edu

Political Science Minor

The Political Science Minor is designed to allow students outside of the Department of Politics to specialize in courses that are relevant to their major. While a student from any major can minor in political science, this minor is especially well suited for business, communication, history and philosophy majors. The minor is structured to allow students considerable flexibility in choosing courses.

Adam Chamberlain, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Political Science
Brittain Hall 340
843-349-6506  |  achamber@coastal.edu 

Pre-law Minor

The Pre-law Minor is for students with an interest in attending law school after graduation or a career in the legal field. The interdisciplinary minor is designed to help students develop analytical skills that will be helpful for further study of the law. The minor also helps introduce students to some of the issues and concepts that are part of a legal education while reinforcing and further enhancing a broad training in the liberal arts.


Frederick S. Wood, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Brittain Hall 357 | 843-349-6594 | fwood@coastal.edu

Mikel Norris, Ph.D.
Associate Chair | Associate Professor
Brittain Hall 356 | 843-349-4033 | mnorris1@coastal.edu