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Self Service for Faculty

Accessing the Faculty Menu

In Self Service, faculty can access their menu either via the left-hand navigation under Daily Work, or directly via the Faculty card on the main menu.

Faculty-Access Faculty Menu


Accessing Class Sections

From within the Faculty Menu, faculty can access individual course sections by clicking on the hyperlink associated with the section.  Individual sections are grouped by term, so first find the appropriate term, then click the section link for the course section you wish to access.

Faculty-Access Class Sections


Accessing individual functions within a class section

After accessing the course section desired, a number of functions related to that section are available.  Please see below for details about each function.

Accessing the Class Roster

After accessing the desired course section, the first component of Faculty Self Service you will encounter is the class roster.  The roster is designed to show students enrolled in the selected course section, as well as any cross-listed sections.  Within the Class Roster, facutly can:

  • Print the Roster (produces a printer-friendly version of the roster)
  • Email the Roster (opens your email system, creates a new email, and adds all students on the roster to that email as bcc addresses)
  • Email an individual student (accessed by clicking the preferred email at the student row)
  • Export the Roster (creates a CSV file of the roster information)

Faculty-Access Class Rosters


Accessing the Census Roster

Census rosters are the way Self Service collects Never Attended reporting.  Census dates are established by the Registrar's Office, in coordination with Financial Aid, to provide faculty an opportunity to report students who have never attended the course section.  Faculty will receive email communication letting them know it is time to report students for having never attended, and will be directed to the Census Roster in Self Service.

Faculty will select those students who have never attended, or may add the last date of attendance, if known.  Only students reported as having never attended will be dropped from the section, but any student that ultimately receives a failing grade will require a last date of attendance.  When finished, faculty will click the Certify button at the top right.  This tells the Registrar's Office that everyone who has been reported on the roster represents the entirety of students that need to be reported.  If faculty need to change their reporting after certifying their roster, or after the reporting period has closed, they can contact the Assistant Registrar for Registration & Curriculum Management, Samantha Sullivan, at

 Faculty-Access Census Rosters


Accessing the Grading Roster

Upon accessing the course section, faculty can access the Grading Roster by selecting the Grading tab. Within the Grading Roster, there are three sub-rosters, including the Overview, Final Grading, and Midterm Grading.  Faculty will only be able to assign grades relevent to the type of grading they are engaging in, so midterm grading will only allow full letter grades, while final grading will allow the full gamut of available grades.

All normal grading requirements remain in force.  Assignment of "I" grades require an expiration date, and should be accompanied by an Assignment of Incomplete contract form located at  Assignment of failing grades will require a last date of attendance.

Faculty-Access Grading Rosters