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As of July 2020, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), in collaboration with Training, Development & Service Excellence (TDSE) has implemented the EHS 2065 COVID-19 Public Health Practices training.

 This training is required before completing work on campus. 

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The following video tutorial will walk you through exactly how to complete the EHS 2065 Covid-19 Public Health Practices training.

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If you have any technical questions or concerns, please email Please be advised that your completion of the training on your record will not be instantaneous. Please allow 24-48 hours for all records to be updated.

- We prepare new employees to successfully transition to the university culture.

- We provide quality development opportunities. 

- We lead the university-wide service excellence initiative, Feel the TealĀ®, and provide the university employees with the tools needed to properly address customer needs and expectations.

TDSE Vision: To be a valuable resource for the CCU community through employee onboarding, professional development and service excellence programs that positively contribute to employee development for the role they are in and the role they aspire to be within Coastal Carolina University.

TDSE Values:

Our core values of growth, innovation, community and excellence serve as the guidepost and compass for all of our efforts as we serve our CCU community.

Growth: Because we believe that university employees deserve quality professional development opportunities that improve productivity and develop skill sets in both current and aspiring roles, we strive to create a learning culture that challenges university faculty and staff to grow their mindset, ideas, and behaviors, thereby enhancing work experience, job performance, and overall employee satisfaction.

Innovation: We are committed to creating a variety of innovative methods for professional development that will continually engage university employees during the changing culture and times at CCU.  Therefore, we seek to build and maintain a learning system that values the perspectives, ideas and contributions of campus partners and employees.

Community: We purposefully aim to create connections among employees to promote synergy, collaboration and cooperation through our development programs, and we foster an environment that values inclusion, recognition, and respect.  Ultimately, we work with campus partners to build a strong CCU culture and to provide excellent service to students as well as the CCU community as a whole.

 Excellence: We are proud to be part of Coastal Carolina University and through that pride and dedication comes excellence in the programming, planning, implementation and evaluation of our programs.  We provide individuals and the university with the tools to respond effectively to customer needs as well as current and future demands for service opportunities.

Track conference attendance on your training record!

In an effort to ensure all professional development is recorded and tracked TDSE now offers all CCU employees the opportunity to track their conference attendance in the same place all other professional development is recorded. 

You can find the form to submit here: 

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