Junior Year - Coastal Carolina University
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Junior Year  

By now, we hope you have been admitted to the Wall College of Business and started some 300- level business courses in your declared major.  In addition, you have the opportunity to gain experiences that can help you work on (and continue to evaluate) your career goals.  This is a great time to start thinking about your plans for after graduation and making sure you are on track for degree completion on time.

Important Business Courses for Junior Year

Courses will vary, depending on your selected major, however, most majors will be taking CBAD 350 (Marketing); CBAD 363 (Business Finance); CBAD 364 (Operations Management); CBAD 344 (Legal Environment in Business); CBAD 393 (Management Info Systems); and CBAD 373 (Business Integration/Application).  

Junior Year Checklist 

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