Letters of Recommendation/Building a Team - Coastal Carolina University
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Strong letters of recommendation (LORs) are core to successful scholarship applications. Give your references a LOR packet to help them write strong letters.  Providing this to them also demonstrates that you respect their time. The packet includes the following:

  • A concise description of the award;
  • A brief explanation of why you are a strong candidate;
  • Your goals and what you hope to achieve through the award;
  • The exact reason(s) you are asking them to write a letter for the award;
  • The LOR submission deadline;
  • The submission instructions;
  • The semester/year (time period) you worked with them;
  • Details of your work with them: course names, projects and results, papers and assignments, grades, accomplishments, contributions, etc.;
  • A list of items that would be ideal for them to discuss/include in your letter, e.g., your growth and development—what you learned with them; responsibilities and tasks you had under them; topics of conversations or discussions you’ve had; and other interactions (they need to be reminded!) that would be relevant to the award;
  • The URL of the award webpage;
  • An updated resume; and
  • An unofficial transcript.
Timing of Letter of Recommendation Requests
Establishing Relationships with Faculty and Other Mentors
Selecting Recommendation Writers
After Providing the Letter of Recommendation Packet