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Publicity and Production Staff

The Publicity and Production Staff develop the college's digital and physical publications and projects. They manage our social media, print materials, technology planning, and event management for the college.

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Production and Publicity Staff

Travis Brooks
Special Projects Manager
Edwards 292  |  843-349-6907  |

Alli Crandell
Director of Athenaeum Press and Digital Initiatives

Edwards 109  |  843-349-2947  |

Michael DiGiorgio
Digital Studio Director
Edwards 255  |  843-349-2678  |

Cali Duncan
Program Assistant, Athenaeum Press
Edwards 109  |  843-349-5099  |

Abby Sink
Graphic Designer
Edwards 205  |  843-349-6985  |

Sara Sobota
Publications Editor
Edwards 109  |  843-349-2507  |

Jeffrey Ranta
WCCU Station Faculty Advisor
Brittain Hall 314 | 843-349-6662 | 

Samantha Ikner
Student Assistant 

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