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How to Approach a Tobacco User

Coastal Carolina University is proud to be tobacco free!  It is up to everyone to help spread awareness of our new policy. In the case that you find someone not complying with the Tobacco-Free policy you may want to approach them and use the following script. If you feel uncomfortable confronting someone, please use the online, Tobacco-Free, reporting tool.

"Hello, my name is ___ and I am a ___ here at Coastal Carolina University.  I noticed that you are smoking, and I wondered if you knew about our new Tobacco-Free policy at CCU?  Actually, tobacco products of any kind can no longer be used on our campus.  We do have smoking cessation available for those who would like to quit smoking.  Here is a card with information about the resources available to you."  

If they are using a cigarette or cigar you may say:
"Please respect our policy, extinguish your cigarette (or cigar) and dispose of it in a trash can."

If they are using smokeless tobacco you may say:
"Please respect our policy and dispose of your smokeless tobacco in a trash can."

If they are using an electronic cigarette you may say:
"Please respect our policy and put out your electronic cigarette."

"I appreciate your willingness to keep our Coastal community healthy and tobacco-free."

If a community member is aggressive towards you, walk away and report it to law enforcement.