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Graduate Faculty

"I believe the true wealth of CCU's MAW program is the staff. Working in classrooms and through one-on-one meetings or just having countless conversations about writing, I've found both mentors and friends. My writing became something new. Sometimes it found a new inspiration. Sometimes it found new purpose. When I discovered what was possible, I jumped into this program with both feet and found myself transformed."

- Derrick Bracey, MAW alum 

Program Coordinator

Kate Faber Oestreich
British Literature of the Long 19thC, Digital Storytelling, and Neo-Victorian Adaptations / Appropriations
Associate Professor
Edwards 211  |  843-349-6602  | 

Creative Writing 

Dan Albergotti
Creative Writing, Poetry
Edwards 215  |  843-349-2420  | 

Colin Burch
Creative Writing, Nonfiction
Senior Lecturer
Edwards 276  |  843-349-6617  | 

Jason Ockert
Creative Writing, Fiction
Edwards 233  |  843-349-2531  | 

Lane Osborne
Creative Writing, Fiction
Brittain Hall 341 | 843-349-2871 | 

Joe Oestreich
Creative Writing, Nonfiction
Associate Dean and Professor of English
Edwards 203  |  843-349-2433  | 

Jessica Lee Richardson
Coordinator of Creative Writing
Associate Professor
Edwards 234  |  843-349-2532  |  

Digital Culture and Design 

Jen Boyle
Early Modern, New Media, Theory
Assistant Dean and Professor 
Edwards 292  |  843-349-6654  |  

Emily Brooks
Digital Cultural and Design
Assistant Professor
Edwards 216 | 843-349-2570 | 

Sara Whitcomb Laiola
Digital Humanities, New and Emerging Media, Visual Art and Culture
Assistant Professor and Coordinator Digital Culture and Design
Edwards 106A | 843-349-6941 | 


J. Daniel Hasty
Sociolinguistics, Syntactic Variation, Language Attitudes
Associate Professor
Edwards 208  |  843-349-6685  | 


Steve Hamelman
Early American Literature, Literary and Media Theory, Popular Music
Edwards 291  |  843-349-2623  | 

Tabitha Lowery
Coordinator of Literature and Culture, African-American Literatures & Cultures
Assistant Professor
Edwards 288 | 843-349-2756 | 

Anna Oldfield
World Literature, Folklore, Magical Realism and Russian Literature
Associate Professor
Edwards 204  |  843-349-6591  | 

Tripthi Pillai 
English Renaissance Literature and Drama, Shakespeare
Associate Professor
Edwards 207  |  843-243-3410  | 

Cynthia Port
Modern and Contemporary British and Anglophone Literature, Age Studies, Literary and Cultural Theory
Associate Professor
Edwards 213  |  843-349-2565  | 

Writing and Rhetoric

Emma Howes
Composition and Rhetoric, Literacy Studies, and Feminist Theory
Associate Professor
Edwards 212  |  843-349-6977  | 

Denise Paster
Coordinator of First Year Writing
Associate Professor
Edwards 214  |  843-349-2612  |

Alan Reid
Composition, Professional and Technical Writing, Instructional Design and Technology
Associate Professor
Edwards 206  |  843-349-6974  |

Christian Smith 
Composition and Rhetoric
Associate Professor
Edwards 210  |  843-349-6967  |