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Student Q&A: Instructional Technology Programs (M.Ed. & Ed.S.)

Q: How and when do I need to apply for graduation?
No matter if you decide to walk or not, you need to apply for graduation with a graduation application one semester prior to your expected graduation date (e.g., if you plan to graduate in Fall 2022, you need to submit your application in Spring 2022 without any late penalty). The application form (Apply For Graduation) is on your WebAdvisor dashboard (

Q: My graduation application status has been listed as “being processed by the registrar” for several months. Is this normal?
A: Once your graduation application is submitted, WebAdvisor will show your status as “being processed by the registrar.” This means everything is completed and your status will stay listed as this until grades are finalized after graduation.

Q: After I submit my graduation application, how should I prepare for graduation?
A: You may receive emails from the university with further graduation details closer to your graduation date. Details on regalia and commencement are available here (

Q: Where can I look up my schedule?
A: You can view your course schedule (My class schedule) on WebAdvisor (

Q: How can I register for classes?
To prevent the unnecessary delay of your graduation, your academic advisor will get you registered according to your study plan and course offering schedule. Theoretically, you should be registered during advanced registration period, and you can verify your schedule on WebAdvisor ( under your future class schedule. If not, please contact your academic advisor.

Q: Where can I look up CCU academic calendar? 
A: CCU academic calendar can be found at

Q: What is the minimum requirement for graduation?
A: The minimum GPA for graduation is 3.0. According to the graduate catalog, graduate students may earn degree credit completed at a grade level of C or above. However, students who receive grades below B on 12 credits of degree-required graduate coursework at the University within a 6-year period are suspended from degree candidacy status and are not permitted to enroll for further courses even as non-degree students. After a grade below B is 6 years old, it will cease to be a disqualifying factor.

In addition, the student’s average on all degree-applicable courses attempted for graduate credit must be at least a B (3.0 on a 4-point system). Grades earned on credits transferred from other universities do not count in the grade point average, and grades earned below the grade of B for graduate courses do not transfer to Coastal Carolina University. Students are advised that some academic programs may have more stringent standards and to contact the graduate Coordinator/Director in their degree program regarding applicable academic standards. Some programs have also identified program-specific criteria for probation, which is used as an early warning for risk of suspension. If a student is dismissed from a graduate program, appeals for reinstatement to degree candidacy should be submitted through the college’s appeals process.

Appellants who have maintained a B average despite their accumulation of lower grades may, if their appeals are supported by their graduate program(s), be allowed to proceed toward their degrees provided they receive no additional grades below B. Appellants who have not maintained a B average should show extenuating circumstances and obtain the support of their graduate program(s) if they wish to be considered for reinstatement.

Q: How can I get re-admitted to the program if I skip a semester?
A: If you skip a semester, your academic status automatically becomes inactive. In that case, you will need to submit a one-page re-admit application form. Please refer to the following link for detail:

Q: I am a student athlete, and I am required to take 9 credit hours per semester. What are other courses outside of M.Ed. program I can take?
If there is no other M.Ed. course for you to take to fulfill minimum 9 credit hours, you can take other courses outside of M.Ed. program at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Q: What do I do if a course is full and closed?
If a course is full, please contact your academic advisor. Your advisor will need to fill a special permission form on your behalf.

Q: What do I do if I forgot to submit a graduation application and graduation has passed?
If you did not fill out a graduation application and graduation has passed, you will have to fill out a Graduate Academic Petition and write a letter stating your case as to why your petition should be granted. Then, your advisor will write a letter of support and submit your academic records to the Graduate Committee for review. The Graduate Academic Petition can be found under the Graduate Forms heading on the Forms page: (

Q: Are graduate assistantships available? What is the application process? What are the job duties and compensation for graduate assistants?
A: Graduate assistantships are available. Graduate assistants help faculty with technology integration projects, help co-teach undergraduate classes, guest lecture in classes, perform research, create multimedia, and manage college technologies. Interested students should apply through Graduate Studies using the Graduate Assistant Application. Then, candidates will be matched with faculty based on available projects, interests, and experience. Unless otherwise noted (e.g., grant funding) graduate assistants make $21.67 an hour for 300 possible hours a semester ($6,500). Graduate assistants that are out-of-state get an in-state waiver to pay in-state tuition rates. Graduate assistants work a maximum of 20 hours per week. It is recommended that interested students submit their applications a month and a half before the start date of the new semester. The Graduate Assistant Application is available on the Forms page under the Graduate Forms heading: (