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Internationalizing Curricula

Working with departments to identify how targeted study abroad and other on- and off-campus experiences help to build skills and leverage increased resource support to our students and faculty is one important area of activity. 

All Coastal Carolina University students are expected to advance their knowledge of languages, cultures, and social structures of other countries of the world as a part of their undergraduate education through core education coursework in foreign language and global awareness studies.

Beyond the core curriculum requirements, many academic programs have already incorporated study abroad or other global experiences into their requirements, such as those below:

  • Physical Theatre – Students spend a full year of this program studying abroad in a specialized internship at the Accademia dell’Arte in Arezzo, Italy.
  • Marine Science – Students can choose to study abroad to complete degree requirements through a range of short-term faculty-led programs to the Bahamas, Jamaica, Scotland, and Costa Rica or longer term study abroad programs near the Great Barrier Reef (James Cook University) or in Southern Australia (Deakin University) or on the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador (Universidad San Francisco de Quito)
  • Management (International Management Concentration) – Students can participate in short-term faculty-led programs to Europe or China or choose from a wide range of study abroad partners in Spain, France, Germany, China, Australia, Italy, or Ecuador to complete coursework that meets degree requirements at CCU
  • Political Science and Intelligence and National Security Studies – Students can participate in short-term study abroad programs led by CCU faculty to the Mediterranean or choose to study Russian and Central Asian Studies in Kazakhstan (Narxoz University) or international politics at partners in the UK (Exeter), Australia (Deakin or James Cook), or Spain (Universidad Europea de Madrid, among others.
  • Master of Business Administration – Students can participate in an innovative 1+1 double degree program with the Hochschule Mainz (Germany) to receive both the MBA from CCU and the Master of Arts in International Business
  • We continue to look to broaden the range to reach 40 percent of all academic majors that include an embedded globalization component by 2018.
  • In addition, as part of our new 2016-21 strategic plan, we are working to expand study abroad (through short-term faculty-led study abroad programs, semester or longer programs, and international internships) to double the number of CCU students participating in study abroad by 2018-2019. Take a look at the program offerings available.

Moreover, a broad range of minors and certificate programs through multiple colleges and departments support enhanced global awareness, more finely developed cross-cultural skills, and in some cases advanced language proficiency.