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Fall 2023

A CCU student and a recent CCU graduate are about to partake as teaching assistants in Spain. Alexia Pistachio-Carrasquillo (Marine science major and biology minor) and Logan Bellos (Languages and Intercultural Studies major) are both participating through the North American Language and Culture Assistance Program (NALCAP). Both are members are Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society which partnered with NALCAP for this program.  

Summer 2023

Professor Steven Higginbotham at La MaMa Umbria 2023Steven Higginbotham, Professor of Theatre, participated in the La MaMa Umbria 2023 International Symposium for Directors, representing CCU in this forum of theatre directors from around the world.  In addition to leading his own session and projects, Professor Higginbotham worked with Dmitry Krymov (Staging Chekhov and Shakespeare), Thomas Ostermeier (Theatre of Contradiction), Iman Aoun (Theatre of the Oppressed in Conflict Zones), and Ong Keng Sen (Unhappy Archives: Building Performance around Decoloniality).

Winter 2022-2023

December 2022/January 2023

CCU’s Chanticleer Regiment marched in the 2023 London New Year’s Day Parade and participated in concerts and excursions over the new year’s holiday.  The group included students from 24 majors, ranging in age from 18-31, and just under 50% applied for their first passport to participate in the program! 



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