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Spring 2024

This semesters spring break saw several programs go abroad!

Recap time from some of the study abroad programs that took place over spring break!  Wall College of Business, Business & Culture in Spain and Italy; Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts, International Business Ethics & World Religions in Germany and Austria; CCU's first Alternative Spring Break Abroad, Homeless Support in Greece

Interested in going abroad? Email: 

Above: Wall College of Business-Business and Culture in Spain & Italy

Below: Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts-International Business Ethnics & World Religions in Germany & Austria

Below: CCU's first Alternative Spring Break Abroad-Homeless Support in Greece


Public Health senior, Clare Cuenya, recently completed an internship abroad in Buenos Aires and Cordoba, Argentina.

I recently completed my senior Public Health internship in Buenos Aires and Cordoba, Argentina (5 weeks in each city). December 9-February 17. I was assisting the local free clinics in some of the poorest parts of the country. 

Throughout this experience, I have witnessed several different cases and have been able to see the differences between public and private medicine within this country. Public medicine is entirely free in Argentina, and I will add that all of these listed offerings from my assigned clinic are ALL free! I have been amazed at the diligent basics that this country's medicine consists of and comes from all basic things with limited importing items and technologies in their slower developments of medicine. 

I have been able to fully immerse myself into not only my healthcare project but also a variety of extracurricular volunteering opportunities and projects that have enhanced my love of helping others of all ages, forms, and locations! I hope this helps you get a glimpse of what an awesome experience this was for me!"

-Clare Cuenya

Faculty Member April N Abbott, Ph.D. Conducted Research in the Antarctic over the Winter.


"In November, I travelled to Punta Arenas Chile to meet the Research Vessel Ice Breaker (RVIB) Nathaniel B Palmer for an Antarctic research cruise. After we all rubbed the toe of the Magellan statue in the town square, said to provide safe passage for seafarers heading south, we crossed the infamous Drake Passage and went through the scenic straights along the western edge of the Antarctic peninsula before continuing onto our study area, the Amundsen Sea. With a science party of 45 representing more than 10 institutions and 23 funded research proposals, we spent about two months collecting water, sediment, air, and ice samples to constrain chemical cycling in this rapidly changing environment. I was responsible for collecting and processing the sediment cores collected using a 'mega-corer,' a device that lets us take up to 12 cores at once. We collected cores from 9 locations, processing a total of 99 cores! Working in 24 hour daylight with penguins and seals making regular appearances was fascinating. Following a very successful science program, in late January we headed to Christchurch New Zealand to offload the ship and begin our trips home. This cruise was part of the international GEOTRACES program, a collaboration of scientists from 35 countries to characterize and understand the marine biogeochemical cycles of trace elements and their isotopes in the ocean" -April N Abbott

"Me in front of the RVIB Nathaniel Palmer before we left the dock in Punta Arenas, Chile."

"Me and a colleague in front of the RVIB Nathaniel Palmer at a sea ice sampling station. We were moored in 'fast ice' so were able to put the gangway down to allow the science party on the ice."

"An Adelie penguin runs towards the camera during a sea ice sampling stop."

"A group of scientists gather on the bow to watch the Getz Ice Shelf pass by."

"The mega-corer is sent over the side to collect 12 tubes of sediment from the seafloor for geochemical analysis."

 CoBE Institute-Sustainable Solutions for Micropreneurs in Panama


The Community and Business Engagement Institute is an associate-led professional 
organization housed in Coastal Carolina University's Wall College of Business that bridges the gap between business 
theory and workplace experience by pairing high-achieving students with real-world business-consulting projects. Since 
2008, CoBE has partnered with 61 organizations for a total of 67 projects, many of which have been for organizations 
within Horry County. With the increased global connection in today's world, there is a growing demand for global 
competency. CoBE partnered with a nonprofit in January of 2024 on a week-long international travel program to expose 
these CoBE associates to micropreneurs in Panama City and the broader Coclé Province of Panama in need of sustainable 
business solutions. Global Business Brigades is an international movement of university students and professionals 
building economic opportunities in the developing world. The students worked alongside promising local entrepreneurs 
and experienced year-round staff to create financial opportunities in remote, rural, and under resourced areas of Panama. 
Business student volunteers  participated in a short-term 'brigade' to facilitate financial literacy workshops and provide 
consulting to micro-enterprises on topics ranging from marketing to accounting. In Panama specifically, volunteers also 
provided capacity building workshops to the leaders of the community banks to increase membership, improve operations, 
and identify lower risk borrowers. 

Students in Panama with the CoBE business program.

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