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The Cove at University Place FAQs

The State of South Carolina has approved Coastal Carolina University's lease of The Cove, and CCU will assume all current and future operational responsibilities for the duration of the approved lease, which will commence prior to the 2023-2024 academic year. The Cove at University Place is located at 1142 SC Highway 544, in Conway, SC, adjacent to University Place.

General Information

Why did the University lease The Cove?
How many bed spaces are at The Cove at University Place?
Who will be managing The Cove at University Place?
How much will it cost to live here?
I already have a current lease or signed a future lease with The Cove. What are my options?
Can I establish or maintain South Carolina residency for tuition and fee purposes while residing at The Cove after it transitions to leased University Housing?
Will I pay monthly rent and additional fees for utilities and other services?
Will I need renter's insurance while living here?
I am assigned to The Cove at University Place. When and how will I check-in?
What does "mirror on campus living options" mean?
Where will I be relocated after the spring 2023 semester? When will I be relocated?
Where can I get more information about The Cove at University Place?

Community and Room Features

Who can live at The Cove at University Place?
Will there be non-CCU students living there too?
What furnishings are provided in each apartment? What amenities are available at The Cove at University Place?
How many bedrooms does each apartment have?
How many floors are there? Is there an elevator?
Will CCU staff live on the property?
How will I get to campus from The Cove at University Place?
Where is my building located at The Cove?
Will I need a parking permit?
How will I receive mail while living at The Cove at University Place?
Is cable provided?
What amenities are currently available at The Cove?

Policies and Procedures

Will first and second-year students still be required to live with University Housing and have a meal plan?
What are the rules at The Cove at University Place?
Are pets allowed?
How do I submit a maintenance request?
What do I do if I am locked out or lost my key?
Will residents at The Cove at University Place be able to stay during breaks?

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Contact Information

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M-Th: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
F: 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
843-349-6400 (phone)
843-349-6425 (fax)

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University Housing creates a foundation of care for resident safety and success.