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CCU Seal (added 8/25/2021) MCD The new Edwards College Center for Inclusive Excellence is an interdisciplinary and dynamic hub for faculty and student fellows in collaboration with the regional community to engage in exceptional and socially responsible research and teaching. Each academic year the Center's work will be organized around a topic that will generate creative production, critical research, and socially engaged projects among three elected faculty members, the faculty fellows, nine student research fellows, and a graduate fellow. The collaborative creative and critical work generated around the elected topic will emerge in conversation with stakeholders in the larger community. Faculty and student fellows demonstrate a strong and sustainable commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Here's the Scoop: 

Dr. Elizabeth Baltes Local Portrait Monuments Project:

The [Represent]atoire Project:

“This is Carolina” Main Feature:

Dr. Weinhold brings local stories to the forefront:    

Weinhold, W. M. (2020, Sept. 29). “Coastal Comeback: Coping with COVID through instruction, Apocalyptic-ish class.” CCU University Communication. Interview and Class Recording. Available:

Weinhold, W. M. (2020, Aug. 17). “Welcome to the Apocalypse? Maybe not, but CCU professors pair up for new Fall course.” Andrew James. WPDE ABC 15 News. Interview. Available: coronavirus/welcome-to-the-apocalypse-maybe-not-but-ccu-professors-pair-up-for-new-fall-course  

In the past year, The Chanticleer has published many pieces that are about/or mention the center. You can find those here: 

Eric Schultz 

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